first_imgWith Dead & Company tour in full swing, band members Bob Weir and John Mayer sat down with the Asbury Park Press ahead of the band’s New Jersey debut. The two guitarists talk extensively about building a large musical catalog with diverse influences, and how each are astute in hearing these influences and learning from one another.“When John plays blues, you can hear what subgenre he’s going for,” said Weir. “He’s real well-versed in particularly that idiom, but what that told me is that he’s basically a student and fan of American musical heritage.”He continued, saying “I could hear (Mayer’s) appreciation of the various fields, and that’s where our music comes from… We grew up — the guys in The Grateful Dead — grew up in an era in the Bay Area out here, where you had everything that America had to offer on the radio. And we were the kinds of kids who were just playing the buttons on the radio.”“If there was something playing that wasn’t catching our interest, we hit another button. We’d go from rock ’n’ roll to jazz to R&B or blues stations, classical music – whatever it took to grab our attention… And we were all different guys, but we all had that same approach, most particularly Jerry and I.” It seems Mayer has a similar mindset, something that Bob Weir finds endearing. Mayer chimed in about his own influences and mindset for building a diverse repertoire. “When you’re into music the way that Bob and I are, and you know, we’re separated by a lot of geography, a lot of time, but there’s a certain way to be in the music where it’s almost like collecting baseball cards… It’s like you collect the Texas blues card. You collect the Chicago electric blues card. You collect the country-western card.”“And it’s sort of like this love of all these different little cards you can collect and keep in a little stack and walk around with them in your back pocket.  It really for me was just about like sort of just getting another card or trading a card, you know?  And when musicians look at music that way, where it’s just sort of like this Rolodex of influences, it’s actually really great to have that conversation musically, and it’s just a matter of rearranging the cards a little bit.”That’s really part of the Grateful Dead magic, being able to go from folk to blues to funk in the drop of a hat. With these two guitarists up in front and the supreme talents of musicians like Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti, there’s plenty of magic left to come!last_img read more

first_img Share StumbleUpon ‘Deal maker’ Rafi Ashkenazi ends Flutter tenure  August 27, 2020 Share Submit Related Articles Flutter moves to refine merger benefits against 2020 trading realities August 27, 2020 The Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) vertical has continued to grow and break new ground throughout 2017, and threatens to potentially eclipse those achievements next year. For DFS providers Oulala a number of key market expansions have been announced, with the years culmination coming at the SBC Awards, where the firm scooped Best DFS Product.Valery Bollier, CEO and co-founder of Oulala, has been speaking to SBC about 2017 and aims heading into next year, in addition to the growth of DFS and challenges posed.SBC: 2017 has been an important year for Oulala, continuing to build upon strong foundations; could you offer a review of your year? Valery Bollier: 2017 was an important year, both for the DFS industry and for Oulala, because our young sector entered a different stage of its growth. The DFS market’s life cycle follows the same rules as most markets. For the first few years, the DFS sector was in its discovery phase where only a few pioneers were cemented.The last few months of 2017 clearly showed that we are now entering the second phase of the market, that is, the extension. A number of major actors such as Sky, Paddy Power Betfair, Unibet and Betsson have entered the DFS space.Oulala has also signed into significant partnerships with iGaming and Telco operators, including Marsbet, SafariBet, Bravio Gaming and Mobimedia. Moreover, with the growing number of hot prospects that are now willing to offer DFS to their customers, we are more than confident that 2018 will see a massive extension of DFS and of our network.SBC: Considering the continuous vertical growth of DFS, how is Oulala strengthening its product and how much of a role does expansion, particularly into new markets, play? VB: We launched Oulala five years ago because we had a vision that the younger generations would no longer be interested in playing games of luck against the house. A simple look at the demographics of the customer database within our industry is a clear indication that our concern was indeed correct. However, in order to become a future leader in our space, the accurate diagnostic was merely a first step; we needed to find the winning formula, the game that would answer all of their needs with the playability that would be perfectly tailored to their evolved usage.In this situation, the key factor to success required not using our marketing skills to convince customers to adopt our game as we had done in the past with their parents, but rather to listen to them and subsequently transform our offer accordingly based on their new expectations.Oulala is a real skill game and a true social game, the two pillars upon which the younger generations have been raised. This is why we can say that DFS is the sports betting of the new generations.Nonetheless, this was far from enough, and at Oulala the customer is the boss. Therefore, we will continue to adhere to our end customers’ feedback in order to adapt our product into whatever lives up to their expectations. The remarkable thing about globalisation is that customers within the same age group generally expect to play the same type of game, wherever they may be across the globe. All things considered, it is much easier and more beneficial to keep up with the times and adapt, than to try to fight it and change it. SBC: What market challenges does DFS face now and moving forward?VB: The main issue we are currently facing is that a number of companies have begun to falsely claim to be offering a DFS game, when the truth is they are simply distorting the concept of DFS to offer a lottery game on football.DFS upholds a simple but potent promise to its customers: when playing, you will be able to prove to your friends that you know the sport better than they do. However, in order to do so, our game needs to be a real skill game, not a game of luck; otherwise, just about anyone could win.Offering DFS games that are based solely on luck means offering customers a farce and is not likely to be met with success. Rather, it may even damage the image and reputation of the DFS industry in the public’s eye. This is why it is key for us, and for future DFS legislation all around the world, to maintain a clear separation between games that are genuinely DFS and those that are simply using the term DFS as marketing bait.SBC: From ‘Best Fantasy Sports Product’ at the SBC awards 2016, to ‘Best DFS Product’ this time around, what does it mean to be continually recognised in this way?VB: In new markets, it is always difficult to distinguish which are the truly serious actors. To be the recipient of the only award in Europe that recognizes the best DFS operator twice in a row clearly indicates that Oulala is on the right path. We are still at the beginning of our journey, and we will be sure to face many great challenges in the future, however receiving this award is an incredible milestone for our entire team. It gives us even more strength to continue our entrepreneurial adventure.SBC: What does 2018 hold for Oulala and the wider DFS community?VB: 2018 should be the year when DFS becomes mainstream. IGaming operators are progressively beginning to see the limits of their current positioning. Optimising their offer for customers within the 40+ age range dangerously narrows their market and the problem is only growing. Adopting DFS is, of course, not the only move required since reshaping one’s entire offer and team is also necessary, however it is a highly significant step in the process. Oulala would thus be the perfect partner. We understand challenges operators face and we have customisable solutions that were built specifically for the industry. Oulala is creating a solid long-term bridge between the younger generations and iGaming operators.At the SBC Awards 2017, held at the HAC Artillery Garden in London, Oulala picked up the award for Best DFS Product. The firms Business Development Director Oliver Niner collected the award from the nights hosts, sports presenter Matt Lorenzo and football legend Luis Garcia, before speaking about its importance in the video below.Valery Bollier is set to be a panellist at SBC’s Betting on Football conference, held at Stamford Bridge, home of reigning Premier League Champions Chelsea FC, from March 20-23. On day one, Wednesday 21 March, DFS is set to be discussed in the Drake Suite from 12.05-12.50 under the heading ‘Fantasy’s last stand in Europe?’ Analysing whether the Russian World Cup offers the last big opportunity for fantasy sports to break into the European market. More details of the event can be found HERE. 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first_imgSource: Electric Vehicles Magazine Charging network operator Electrify America, VW’sgovernment-mandated penance for Dieselgate, is working with nine companies tohost more than 30 ultra-fast charging stations across the US.The companies include grocery chains Kroger and Save Mart, a handful of real estate investment trusts, and real estate company Pan-Cal. More than 20 of the new charging sites will be located in California. The remainder will be spread across Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Washington.Electrify America is looking to future-proof its infrastructure, installing chargers ranging in power capacity from 150 kW all the way up to 350 kW.By July 2019, Electrify America plans to install or have under development 484 charging station sites featuring more than 2,000 ultra-fast chargers. By the end of 2021, Electrify America plans to install DC fast charging stations in 29 metro areas, as well as along high-traffic corridors in 46 states and two cross-country routes. The company will invest $2 billion over ten years in EV infrastructure and education.Rachel Moses, Senior Manager at Electrify America, said, “We thoughtfully select locations for our charging stations to offer customers convenience and access to additional amenities, and believe that these new locations will appeal to a wide range of existing and future electric vehicle owners.”Source: Electrify Americalast_img read more