first_imgWriting became a lifeline for Victoria Lindstrom after an injury ended her career as dental hygienist. “It is one of those proverbial things, when the door closes a window opens,” she said. Now, more than six years later, Lindstrom’s children’s book “The Scandinavian Santa” arrives just in time for the holiday season. “This story was inspired by my great-grandfather from Norway,” she said. The Christmas tale follows Peter Swanson, the nephew of the Nordic Santa, who has his own Christmas Eve delivery to Viking Valley. He’s aided by flying polar bears, named Gunnar and Ludvig, along with a golden eagle name Lars and other forest creatures. The book’s main theme focuses on “the magic of generosity” and a respect for nature. “It’s a subtle, different slant on what Christmas can mean,” said Lindstrom. Lindstrom wanted to combine elements and traditions from all the countries that fall under the Scandinavian region: Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, along with Iceland and Greenland. “I used the word Scandinavia like how ‘The Lord of the Rings’ author would use the Shire,” she said, viewing her world as a more “fairy tale setting.” “Everyone would send me very nice, rave rejection letters,” said Lindstrom. At the time, book publishing was focused on children’s picture books, driven by their images over narratives. “A couple people told me, ‘Stick to your guns that storybooks will come back,’ ” she said. Lindstrom ended up collaborating with a small press in Georgia, Deeds Publishing.“The Scandinavian Santa” is also filled with illustrated paintings by her husband, Michael Lindstrom. “My husband is an impressionist-style painter, which is not common for children’s books, but I thought (his paintings) would lend itself to the story, since it’s styled as an old world tale.” Many of Michael’s oil paintings featuring landscapes or still life can be seen at Art on the Boulevard in downtown Vancouver.last_img read more