first_img Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. This month’s newsHuman rights Dr Gulleford also gave a paper on the Human Rights Act. This legislation iscreating a great deal of media and public interest but in terms of substantivelaw it creates little that is new, he said. Its main function is to repatriate theEuropean Convention on Human Rights into English law. Bringing the conventionhome as it was put in the government White Paper on the subject. The reasonthat many are predicting an explosion in litigation as a result of the aboverepatriation is that a major procedural bar has been removed in that applicantscan seek redress in the domestic courts. Mobile concerns Exposure to radio waves from mobile phones and base stations was the topicchosen by Dr Simon Mann of the National Radiological Protection Board. His talkset out NRPB’s scientific position over the twin issues of exposure to theradio waves when using mobile phone handsets and when living or working nearthe antennas of mobile phone base stations. Risky business Dr Robin Foster, Risk Assessment Policy Unit, HSE, gave a presentation ondevelopments and influences in risk assessment. His presentation ranged widelyover a variety of topical risk issues and illustrated the procedures the HSEadopts to bring these factors together in ensuring that risks from workactivities are properly controlled. NewsOn 1 Jan 2001 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more