first_img A family vacationing in Bali, Indonesia experienced a hilarious moment when a cheeky monkey decided to photobomb their group picture and give them the infamous one-finger salute.The family, which was from Queensland, Australia, asked a guide to take a photo of them in a forest area that featured the island’s native primates, Fox35 News reported. Just as they posed in front of the camera, the group of five was shocked when the funny monkey decided to steal the spotlight. After taking the picture, they discovered that the primate crashed their photoshoot and gave them the middle finger. Watch: Monkey Uses Rock to Shatter Glass Enclosure at China Zoo’Friends’ Monkey May Appear in ‘Y: The Last Man’ TV Adaptation Stay on targetcenter_img The picture was taken in December 2018, however, it’s the first time the family is sharing the photo on social media. Judy Hicks and her husband spotted the primate flipping them off while they were going through old holiday photos and they couldn’t stop laughing.“As I was flicking through the photos afterward, I noticed that in one of them, the monkey was actually giving us the finger. I showed my husband and we both started laughing,” Hicks, who was part of the photobombed family crew, told Fox35 News. “We thought it was hilarious. The monkey definitely had a cheeky persona going on.”Social media follows also can’t get enough of the photobombing monkey: So far, Hicks’ family photo has received more than 3,000 likes on Instagram.This isn’t the first primate to crash someone’s photo either: In April, a park ranger’s selfie with “posing” gorillas went viral online. The picture, which shows the animals standing tall in the background like humans, generated more than 80,000 likes on social media outlets.More on Add Human Genes to Monkeys’ Brains in New StudyPark Ranger’s Selfie With ‘Posing’ Gorillas Goes ViralWatch: Gorillas Show Us They Don’t Like Getting Caught in a Downpourlast_img read more