first_imgIn all this controversy about bringing the Super Cup to Jeddah, what does a Spanish coach who lives in this country think?Everyone thinks of that Arabia two years ago without going any further, rather closed, where you could not enter as a tourist. It is a country under construction. The woman is progressing more and more. Those of us who come for football do it for an important economic aspect, whoever denies it is a liar. The salaries paid here have nothing to do with those in Spain … Go practicing with us. What do you foresee?Many fans here wanted to see Messi again, because they consider him number one, but I think it is a very attractive final. Madrid came without Benzema, but it is marveling at the high pressure they make. They play it back against men because they have very physical defenses. When they have the ball, the possessions are longer, so they drowned Valencia. They also did it at the Camp Nou.And the Atleti?It will come out with direct play and from there, whoever wins the second play will have more control. Its low block is strong and although they dominate it, it knows how to compete. They don’t worry much about high blood pressure because they skip it with Oblak playing long … So Madrid will have to be patient. When do you decide to venture into Saudi Arabia?The last week of being in Beijing. It came up, I decided, I spent ten hours in Madrid and embarked on Arabia. That’s how fast football is.How is this country in football?Here we can have seven foreigners and interestingly there are many Romanian and Portuguese coaches. I am the only Spanish and my team is at the level of a Valencia or a Sevilla from here. I think it’s one of the best leagues in Asia. The Saudi soccer player is from the street, has a creative, free point, but they lack physical and tactical work.Today he will be in the final of the Spanish Super Cup … but as a commentator.Yes, for a Saudi television. I will speak in English. I took my COU English to the Emirates and although I don’t know it at all now, I can do it. As Michael Robinson does in Spain (laughs). They will understand me.center_img As a foreigner, do you live in a bubble?It’s true, but they are opening. The foreign woman is no longer obliged to wear the abaya. This will go further and I think that in six or seven years it will be a country very similar, at least, to the Arab Emirates. Women are still restricted in rights, but it seems that little by little they will have more freedom. They want to open up and how do they do it? They do it with money. That’s why they bring the Super Cup. Spanish fans are the injured, but that income is paid to the stars.Will we see him again soon on a bench in Spain? Did you leave without a return ticket?The Villarreal thing was such a strange thing that it hurt me personally. It hurt and I didn’t understand what happened. They only gave me six days of the League … I’ll be back, but if I have a good sign outside … why am I going to stay home waiting? There will be time to return …last_img read more