first_imgMicrosoft‘s been on a roll lately pushing out beta (or platform previews, as they call them) for their upcoming next-gen browser, Internet Explorer 9. Just three weeks after the last version comes Platform Preview 7, and it’s smokingly fast.The secret sauce behind IE9’s blistering performance is a new Javascript engine called Chakra that is capable of rendering Javascript up to a hundred times faster than in IE8… a performance boost that will be a huge boon to Javascript-heavy sites like Facebook or Twitter.IE8’s not the only browser IE9 infused with Chakra is trouncing, though. Look at the above chart: it’s also absolutely destroying the vast majority of the competition when it comes to Javascript performance. Only Chrome and Opera are close, while Safari and Firefox lag behind.Javascript isn’t the only browsing aspect that is undergoing a performance bump in IE9: since it relies heavily on GPU acceleration, video and images are also way faster. We have to admit, we’re really impressed… this might be the first Microsoft browser that the tech-savvy nerd doesn’t have to use with secret shame.Read more at Ars Technicalast_img read more