first_imgMozilla has November 8th pencilled in as the day the stable version of Firefox 8 will become available to the general public. However, you can download it right now if you so wish with a few clicks of your mouse.Although Mozilla is nice enough to tell us all when the next update to its browser is arriving, a less well-known fact is that they make that same stable release available a couple of days early via FTP. That way certain people in the know can get it early e.g. anyone who has to support users downloading the new browser and wants to check its stability or security.So, if you can’t wait another day then you need to visit Mozilla’s FTP site and select the right file to download. The most popular versions are probably going to be the US English 32-bit executable for Windows and for Linux.While Firefox 7 promised to be noticeably faster while using up to 50% less memory, Firefox 8’s improvements focus on other areas.Add-on installations get a new compatibility assistant, meaning when the new version of Firefox is installed you have to allow or disallow all the add-ons you use. Once the new browser is installed and loaded you’ll also notice a Twitter search engine built-in, more accessible history details, and an option to only load tabs on selection. That last one should speed up Firefox loading and relates specifically to users who have set Firefox to show their windows and tabs from a previous session.Firefox users will be prompted to update to Firefox 8 tomorrow, and for most people the best thing to do is just wait for that to happen. If you can’t wait, then find the version that suits your system and language through Mozilla’s FTP site linked to above.Read more at ghacks.netlast_img read more