Of the many incredible things I saw at Google I/O this week, one of the most notable was the sheer volume of people in attendance. From around the world, developers for Google’s products were gathered to share knowledge, rub elbows with Googlers, and get a preview of the future of the products they work on. I couldn’t help but notice, however, that there was something of an elephant in the room. Only, this elephant looked more like a large green Bugdroid with microUSB cables sticking out all over (see image above if you have no idea what this means). Yes, Google knows that Android has some battery issues.These charging stations were everywhere. There were easily 25 of them throughout the Moscone West this week, and they were almost constantly in use throughout the day. Some attendees, trusting though they may be, would leave their phone at the station and go attend a session. Others were less trusting, and carried some kind of battery backup around.AdChoices广告As for those battery recharging devices, check out the image above. That’s just a sample of the ones I saw, some going as high as 40,000 maH batteries inside and with half a dozen USB ports on them for multiple devices. For most, it wasn’t even an inconvenience anymore, it was just something they did because it was necessary. Is this the drawback of “removable battery” systems? I ask because the Motorola Xoom gets great battery life, and so does the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. Whatever the answer, I for one hope Google figures it out soon, or I’m going to ask for one of those charging stations in my house. read more