first_imgProtocol requires me to thank the Russian representative for his statement. I will turn to some of his allegations in a moment. In my Presidential capacity, please may I remind Members of the Council and other speakers of Rule 507 to keep remarks to five minutes.I will now speak in my national capacity and I will certainly do that.I want to join the speakers in thanking John Ging, and I want to pay tribute to humanitarian workers as others have done. They work in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.I also want to reject the allegations we’ve just heard against the Department for Political Affairs. To the best of my knowledge, everybody in the UN is trying to do their best for the people of Syria and they’re trying to do their best for the political process.I think it’s clear from everything we’ve heard today that the situation especially in Idlib is dire. None of the list of achievements that the Russian representative read out, they are all a chimera, they will not help the people of Idlib. There are 3 million civilians at risk in Idlib, and the Syrian regime is yet escalating its military action against them. I would be grateful to know which forces have been relocated to Idlib and I would like to say that we will hold the commanders responsible for attacks on civilians.I would also like to echo the words of the United States and France. The United Kingdom also will respond appropriately if the Asad regime repeats its illegal use of chemical weapons that has already had such devastating humanitarian consequences for the Syrian population.I have three questions relating to the humanitarian situation. They centre around the fact that UN convoys have not had access to 6,000 internally displaced persons in Damascus and Eastern Ghouta for two months; that 1 million people remain in hard to reach areas where only 11% of interagency convoys are able to conduct needs assessment and deliver aid; and that the UN continues not to be given the necessary security assurances so that humanitarian convoys can come through the Ar Ramtha border crossing from Jordan. And that’s in violation as we’ve heard resolution 23 93. I hope the Syrian representative will be able to give us an explanation in his remarks.The Russian representative referred to refugees going home. I think the ongoing military operations, the lack of humanitarian access, the bombing of schools, the arbitrary arrests, the bombing of hospitals show exactly why the situation is not right for refugees to go home en masse.You said, Mr Ging, that Idlib represented a scale that we have not yet seen. We’re used to superlatives in Syria. We’re used to them being surpassed. You also mentioned Kofi Annan, and like others, I think the best tribute we can offer Mr Annan is to continue our efforts to accelerate the political process and bring peace to Syria.I do want to make a point about reconstruction that our Syrian colleague set out and that has been echoed by every EU Member State and by the United States. There will be no reconstruction assistance until there is a credible and ongoing political process. There will not be a Marshall Plan for Syria. There will not be a Brussels Plan for Syria. If there is any plan, it will need to be a Moscow and a Putin plan.I would now like to turn to some of the statements made by the Russian Ambassador.The Russian Ministry of Defense today gave a briefing in which it said – and this has been echoed by members of his own Mission – that the United Kingdom and the White Helmets were involved in preparing chemical weapons attacks against the Syrian people. I did not use the word ‘comical’ in my press briefing. What I said was that even by the egregious standards of Russian propaganda, this is an extraordinary allegation. It is wholly untrue and it has been denied by the commander of the British forces in Kuwait who is supporting the coalition. I am happy to repeat that denial now and I am happy to rebut any allegation that the British government or British forces engages with terrorists on the ground in Syria. The only plausible explanation we have for why these stories are being floated at the time other than to increase the amount of fake news in the system is as a smokescreen for a possible impending attack by the Syrian regime once again against its own people in Idlib, and I repeat, the statement that I, the French, and the Americans made earlier about responding appropriately. We have no information about chlorine being delivered and therefore, if the Russian Ministry does have that, the most probable explanation is that it is a preemptive attempt to set the agenda and the narrative for an appalling attack to come. And I would appeal to Russia to use all its persuasive powers to convince the Syrian authorities not to attack their own population and never again to use prohibited chemical weapons.I would draw the Council’s attention to the fact that we have had a letter from the Syrian authorities about warning of an impending attack, and I would recall for the Council that on 10th of March the Syrian authorities wrote to the Security Council to warn of a chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta, and one month later on the 10th of April this year, such an attack took place and is ascribed to the Syrian authorities. I repeat again our abhorrence of chemical weapons. And I repeat again that the British government will always uphold its commitment to prohibit the use of these weapons and will work with our international partners to ensure that that prohibition is upheld.last_img read more

first_imgJimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys reinvented the traditional, Jimi Hendrix Experience vibe with its unique mosaic of sound and integrative acoustics. The original live recordings showcased a harmonious groove, led by Billy Cox‘s powerful guitar, Buddy Miles‘s percussion, and overall vocal mastery. This past weekend, Roosevelt Collier, along with Dopapod members Rob Compa and Chuck Jones and TAUK’s Isaac Teel, led a vibrant Band of Gypsys tribute at New York City’s American Beauty.Collier, a pedal-steel maestro and Hendrix aficionado, immersed the venue in rich, late 60’s era jams. As the industry heavyweight dazzled the intimate venue, each crowd goer was awed in his outstanding craft. Collier provides a sound that is truly soulful, rhythmic, and indicative of his remarkable talent. Compa (Guitar) and Jones (Bass) evinced their inventive sound while encapsulating Cox’s trademark Band of Gypsys feel. The duo approached Cox’s string-filled prominence in their prolific instrumentals that boast contemporary sound. Teel presented pure percussion mastery that assumed a unique approach to the craft with surprise vocals and respectful nods to Miles’s old-school talent. Collectively, each artist pursued his mastery in a compilation of groovy jams that paid serious homage to the infamous live album.The Band of Gypsys led the night with a setlist boasting tracks, “Who Knows,” “Changes,” “We Gotta Live Together,” and “Foxy Lady,” to name a few. While Collier soaked the evening in an upbeat atmosphere led by poetic steel driven notes, “Who Knows,” fluttered throughout the room in a vintage and psychedelic feel. Teel led the tune in his vocals, an instrument on its own, belting, “She didn’t know/ And she didn’t care/ She didn’t know/ She didn’t care/ And she go walking/ Down the street singing.” The robust tones of Teel’s vocals led the crowd into the infamous lyrics to later come together in harmony. Collective hymns are integral to the tune and indicative of the crowds’ undeniable enthusiasm. The band led the jam into, “Changes,” another track from the live album. Collier rendered the formerly dark and jammy track into a slow and harmonious rendition with impressive vocals. As opposed to emphasizing heavy instrumentals, the band illuminated its soulful side with intoxicating lyrics. Teel chanted, “It’s alright baby/ Yeah it’s alright,” while Collier laced the track with fluttering notes and contributive vocals. The delightful chorus hardened throughout the room in its dark and soulful haze. In true Jimi Fashion, Collier pronounced, “We’d like you to clap your hands,” as the crowd clapped and cheered the band drew out a thick jam that was brought into, “We Gotta Live Together.” The crowd cheered as Teel belted, “Home sweet home! Home sweet home!” giving American Beauty a sense that New York can be home to any who are in tune to admire.Intense bass took center stage as Jones dug out a ravine for guitarist prominence, complimented by Compa’s penetrating notes. Bass ensued, immersing American Beauty in an instrumental haze. Collier prompted the crowd, pressing, “Is everyone having a good time out there?!” as the crowd was clearly responsive in their cheers, he threw a head nod to the late Hendrix, proclaiming, “Enjoy this Jimi!” Compa and Jones continued in their guitarist prowess, caressed by Teel’s sound. A slow rendition of, “Fire” encompassed the room while Teel belted, “Let me stand/ Let me stand/ Let me stand next to your fire.” This slow and sexy rendition of the traditionally excited track had the entire crowd slow dancing and singing along to the enticing lyrics.Collier prompted the crowd with the night’s last song, an essential Jimi tune, “Foxy Lady.” Amongst the bands’ head nods, strums, and jamming that constructing this high energy cover, Compa poured his both his instrumental and vocal talent into its composition. Compa belted, “I’ve made up my mind/ I’m tired of wasting all my precious time/ You got to be all mine/ Foxy.” As Compa roared the sultry lyrics, the room was filled with a delightful, nostalgic haze that is beautifully trademark to the Jimi Hendrix sound. The night came to a close as the track struck a harmonious chord. American Beauty was immersed in the jam-driven, sensual vibe led by “Foxy.” The tune laid down a warm glow that bounced off the venue’s walls and christened the night with infectious smiles.Check out full audio from the night below, courtesy of taper Eric McRoberts.last_img read more

first_img Loading… Girona secured their place in the final via a two legged semi final win over Almeria, with vital goals from Cristhian Stuani in both games. Elche needed a late goal from veteran striker Nino to secure their own place in final against Cuco Ziganda’s side. Read Also: PSG stars Neymar, Mbappe reflect on UCL defeatThe two sides played out a 0-0 draw in the final first leg last week, with Pere Milla’s added time goal secured an equally dramatic return for Martin’s side following the late dismissal of Uruguayan international Stuani in Catalonia.Huesca have already secured their place in the 2020-21 La Liga season as the Segunda Division champions, alongside second place Cadiz.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Elche have sealed a return to La Liga ahead of the 2020-21 season following a late 1-0 win against Girona on Sunday night. Juan Jose Rojo Martin’s side secured their elevation back into the Spanish top flight for the first time since the 2014-15 campaign, with a vital win in Catalonia.Advertisement Promoted Content9 Great Actors Who Will Always Be Defined By One Role7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty Penny9 Talented Actors Who Are Only Associated With One RoleThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreThe 10 Best Secondary Education Systems In The World10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?What Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?What Are The Most Delicious Foods Out There?10 TV Characters Who Were Destined To Become IconicThe Most Influential Countries In The History Of The WorldThe New Lara Croft Will Really Surprise Youlast_img read more