first_imgHard to believe that men reached the moon on a tiny fraction of the data available in the laptops we use today.We and our devices, our cities, even our clothes are leaving digital footprints all over the universe of big data.  Businesses really need to transform how we grapple with all this information.  It is still the case that knowledge is power, but the ability to use that knowledge is what will set successful companies apart. Recent research found that 64% of companies already believe big data is changing traditional business models and 24% are already feeling disruption from new competitors moving into their industries.  58% now expect to face increased competition from startups enabled by data. (Research Report from Capgemini and EMC)BAE Systems is a good example of business transformation using big data processing capability to better serve their customers.  BAE Systems is a British defense, security, and aerospace company with operations worldwide and works with EMC, using Isilon storage systems to handle billions of data records in a given day.  Their Applied Intelligence division focuses on cyber security, financial crime and complex data conundrums. In a telecommunications context, this means helping firms comply with data retention and security regulations while using big data analytics on behalf of those customers to evaluate usage patterns.What does that mean?  It means they are able to pinpoint root causes of faults in communication service provider networks and even reduce the overall cost of running those networks.  Making sure that data is available on demand and that integrity is maintained throughout all IT systems is critical in the regulated telecom industry.Data science is also being put to use within EMC Global Services.  Our Data Science team has developed a Population Based Ranking tool that identifies service outliers on a weekly basis to understand how a product is actually performing compared to a population-based statistical expectation.  This is helping us identify likely issues that could arise and fix them ahead of time – resolving things for our customers before they feel any impact to their business.  It is a program that will only keep growing.These are just a couple examples of using big data and data science within the enterprise space.  There are all kinds of efforts underway to put the power of data to good use in the world – such as EMC’s work with Earthwatch and companies like Datakind.With efforts like that already active in our world, as well as within business like at BAE Systems and EMC, who knows what else we can do?last_img read more

first_imgNot only is it important to back up your data but accessing and managing that data is just as important. What’s the point of a backup if you can’t access it? Dell EMC Data Protection is a market leader due to its combined portfolio of Data Domain backup appliances, Integrated Data Protection Appliances and Data Protection software.  Last quarter, Dell EMC’s Data Domain lead the Target Systems segment of the Purpose Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) market with a 75% revenue share and saw a year over year growth rate of 44%.1 Customers trust Dell EMC for data protection because of our unmatched combination of appliances and software and that are designed to deliver increased simplicity, flexibility, and operational efficiency.The Dell EMC Data Domain Management Center (DD MC), is your single pane of glass to view and manage your Data Domain appliances, physical or software defined. DD MC enables aggregate management and reporting on environments with multiple Data Domain systems through a single interface. Customizable dashboards provide visibility into aggregate status and the ability to drill-down to system-level details. Role based access allows different user roles for various levels of expertise within the organization.The latest release of Dell EMC Data Domain Operating System, DD OS 6.1.2, delivers enhanced efficiency by providing a single point of manageability solution to manage Data Domain appliances located on-prem, at remote sites or in any cloud with DD MC. Wherever a business operates, they can manage their central data centers, remote offices and cloud protection elegantly from one location. This hybrid management capability can further reduce operational costs, as well as empower entire organizations with key insights. DD MC is now available as a free, no-license download with DD OS 6.1.2 and can be run on-prem or in the cloud.Dell EMC continues to drive innovation and success for the Data Domain family. Now is the perfect time to connect with your local rep about purchasing new appliances or upgrading to a complete Dell EMC Data Protection solution with the latest DD OS 6.1.2.You can download DD MC with the installation of DD OS 6.1.2. If you are a subscriber to AWS and Azure marketplace, you can download from AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace.For additional information, please see DD MC Installation and Administration Guide.Check out our social presence on Twitter for product updates and announcements.1Source:  IDC Quarterly Purpose Built Backup Appliance Tracker, Q2 2018last_img read more

first_imgAs we near the finish line of the 2018 partner program, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what a phenomenal year it has been. When I stepped in to lead Global Channel, OEM & IoT just over a year ago, I spent my very first day in role at a Partner Advisory Board. I can vividly remember the enthusiasm that was in the room that day, for our collective futures and the opportunity in front of us. This was an opportunity to learn from dozens of strategic partners and get a true assessment of what was going well, and where I would need to place my efforts in the coming months. It was exciting, invigorating, energizing on that day, and remains just as much so today.In all the conversations I’ve had with partners this year, I’ve continued to be amazed by their commitment and active participation. We treat your feedback as a gift and it helps inform our priorities, raise the bar and leap beyond the status quo. Thanks to you, today we are better delivering on our promise to be Simple. Predictable. Profitable.™Simple.Your feedback shaped our #1 priority for the year: make it easier to do more business with Dell Technologies. Earlier this year we appointed Darren Sullivan to lead a team focused on transforming our partner tools and processes. We’ve made some big improvements: accelerating accurate quoting, getting you the best price faster, reducing exceptions and fast-tracking rebate and MDF payment. But we’re not done. This remains one of my top priorities and you’ll continue to see more improvements and results through 2019.We are also focused on making it easier for you to do more business across the full Dell Technologies’ family of brands. We recently kicked off a pilot of the Dell Technologies Partner Framework, helping us test and expand the program in the coming years. The goal is to offer you a fully operational Dell Technologies’ status and benefits, business execution, and centralized resourcing. This is the framework of the future – supporting your transformative selling motion.Predictable. You asked for more predictable engagement with the Dell core sales team, and we took that feedback to heart. This year we launched the Partner Preferred Program, designed to help you drive new business with more competitive discounts, a revenue true-up for our sales teams to mitigate friction, and most importantly, partner of record protection. Plus, we’ve updated our processes around Rules of Engagement, so Dell’s regional sales leaders and the channel leadership team have full visibility to enforce consistent guidelines. Going forward, we’re looking at new, predictable forms of account protection. Stay tuned for that in the new fiscal year.Profitable.Our storage portfolio was a key focus area and we’ve listened attentively to your feedback. We’ve concentrated efforts on making you more profitable with programs such as Partner Preferred, Competitive Swap and Tech Refresh.  We’ve simplified our portfolio positioning, launched proof of concept and Demo unit programs and introduced new products, like PowerMax, to address competitive threats. Thanks to your guidance and these new programs, the Dell Technologies channel is on fire. In Q3, storage order revenue was up 12% Y/Y, server revenue was up 38%, client revenue was up 13% Y/Y. Partners were rewarded lucratively for their successes, especially when they sold the full portfolio. In fact, partners who sold all three lines of business earned 8x the revenue as compared to partners selling two lines of business, and 21x the revenue as compared to partners who sold only one line of business.These highlights only scratch the surface of what partners have helped us accomplish this year. Your feedback also helped us win awards, create new Partner Technical Advisory Boards and become a more trusted partner. Not to mention, over the past year the Dell Technologies Global Channel has delivered $49 billion in orders.* We have you to thank for this incredible success.Looking towards Program Year 2019:All new beginnings hold infinite possibilities, and 2019 is no different. It’s the year of the data-driven digital ecosystem, when we’ll continue to unlock the power of data to deliver value to businesses in ways never imagined a few short years ago. 5G will come to life, edge computing will kick into high gear and Gen Z will enter the workforce with higher technical expectations and sophistication than any generation before. Through all this change, Dell Technologies will be by your side, helping you deliver transformational solutions and navigate unchartered territories. Together, we’ll help our customers reach new heights.In 2019, we will continue to work tirelessly to be seen as the best in your eyes. With your guidance and partnership, we’re raising the bar on what it means to be Simple. Predictable. Profitable.™As we close out the 2018 Program year, I have a few asks of you:Finish Q4 strong. Stay focused on new business, storage and services.View the Program Tracker to ensure you’ve met your desired tier’s revenue and training requirements.Register for the February 6th Dell EMC Partner Program broadcast, where we’ll announce the details of the 2019 program and initiativesRegister for Global Partner Summit, our biggest Dell EMC Partner event of the year.We have the partners, the portfolio, the plans and the determination to take a #GiantLeapForward. Let’s make 2019 our best year yet.*Based on trailing twelve months (TTM) order run rate as of Q3FY19last_img read more

first_imgBUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The owners of a family-run cafe in a leafy district of Hungary’s capital of Budapest had planned to defy pandemic restrictions and open their doors. But they reconsidered after the government increased penalties for breaking the rules. Around 200 restaurants across the country had said they would open up to indoor dining Monday, but the stiffer penalties and a lack of government assistance left many with few options but to wait out the crisis. Hungary’s lockdown, nearing its three-month mark, was extended until March 1 last week. A growing movement is demanding that the government either provide much-needed cash assistance, or ease the restrictions.last_img

first_imgThe uncle of a Missouri woman accused of participating in the riot at the U.S. Capitol last month is now facing charges himself. A federal complaint against William Merry Jr. of St. Louis County was unsealed late Thursday. Merry is the uncle of 21-year-old Emily Hernandez, of Sullivan, who was charged on Jan. 16. A charging document says video and photos show Hernandez and Merry holding a broken piece of the nameplate from outside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. Merry’s lawyer says Merry doesn’t condone violence “or any type of insurrection of the government.”last_img

first_imgYANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Hundreds of members of Myanmar’s deposed ruling party have declared themselves to be the sole legitimate representatives of the people and asked for international recognition as the country’s government. Protests against the military takeover also swelled Friday. Nearly 300 politicians from ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s party announced they had named a committee to carry out the functions of Parliament, according to a party Facebook. In a letter to the United Nations and the international community, the party also asked for targeted sanctions and for businesses to cut ties with the military. The lawmakers had been set to take their seats Monday in a new session of Parliament, when the military announced it was taking over for a year.last_img