predicted? where he had joined Washingtons premier litigation firm Williams and Connolly after clerking for Supreme Court Justice Byron White and specializing in death penalty appeals at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in New York It was when the Clintons arrived in Washington with the baggage of the Whitewater investigation that they really reconnected with Kendall however hiring him to defend them against accusations of improper business dealings And when Clinton found himself needing to prepare for grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewinsky investigation four years later it was Kendall who prepared him "His job was to make sure there was never a criminal charge against the president" says one member of Bill Clintons legal team and "his preparation [of Clinton for the grand jury testimony] will go down as one of the best ever" Legally that is certainly true but Clinton is dogged to this day by the aura of deceit that settled around his narrow evasive answers about his relationship with Lewinsky "When you’re asked a question in a deposition" Kendall said later as he defended the presidents narrow testimony in the Lewinsky case "You ought to respond specifically to the question You ought not if asked your name to give your name and address" That discipline and control delivered Bill Clinton from the danger of a criminal charge and helped earned Kendall the highest praise from allies and opponents alike in the world of Washington litigation But the challenge Kendall faces in representing Hillary Clinton is that the context of her email scandal is not just legal Her goal of becoming president and indeed the hopes of the Democratic party for retaining the White House are piggybacking on her defense in the email case When it comes to matters unrelated to the law Kendall is less well-versed "His lack of being involved in the political process" says the former member of Bill Clintons legal team and the fact that "hes never been in government" are both challenges to his ability to advise Clinton On the legal issues relating to the handling of classified information Kendall has recent experience Kendall represented David Petraeus the former CIA chief who pleaded guilty in April to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified materials and was fined $100000 The case resulted from Petraeus improperly sharing classified information with his biographer Paula Broadwell Kendall led the negotiations that produced the plea deal which angered FBI agents who thought Petraeus had misled their investigation into the matter Hillary Clinton so far appears not to be in the same kind of trouble Petraeus got himself into But the news that two of Clintons emails may contain Top Secret information makes Kendalls legal defense more complicated The presence of classified emails does not in itself mean Hillary Clinton broke the law or even President Obamas rules regarding the proper protection of classified materials Generally speaking under the laws criminalizing misuse of classified information one is guilty only if one "knowingly" removed and intentionally retained secrets improperly None of the emails contains markings indicating they contained secret information the Inspector General and other officials have repeatedly said But communications intercepted via satellite or other overhead collection means are so closely protected that they have their own law 18USC798 with even tighter rules and higher penalties That law makes it a crime not just to knowingly mishandle such secrets but also to use them "in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States" That in turn says a senior intelligence official familiar with the case means the FBI’s investigation into the handling of the classified materials “will go way beyond what the intelligence community’s Inspector General ever would do” Kendall declined to be interviewed for this article and the Clinton campaign did not return email messages asking for comment for it The campaign has said her use of a private server and the discovery of classified information on it are being amplified by the political agendas of Republicans on Capitol Hill and on the 2016 presidential campaign trail That is no doubt true but it doesnt make the job of defending her position any easier Kendall will have his hands full as he attempts to juggle the legal interests of his client and the political reality she has to operate in "Hes an incredible lawyer he writes brilliantly and he works harder than anyone else" says Kendalls old colleague from the Bill Clinton impeachment "Whether hes successful in the rough and tumble of the public arena is another question" Contact us at [email protected] 8 am Friday morning local time 25 million Singaporeans began casting their ballots in a parliamentary election that the ruling party is all but certain to win After all the Peoples Action Party (PAP) has won every election since independence in 1965 Though there wont be a tectonic shift in the government five characteristics of this election reveal new challenges for the city-state 1 Auspicious timing Prime Minister and PAP leader Lee Hsien Loong called this snap election more than a year before the official polling deadline The earlier date means the election come after two events that stirred up a wave of patriotism Lee Kuan Yew Singapores founding father and the current Prime Ministers actual father died on March 23; Lee Sr is admired by many Singaporeans as singularly responsible for the city-states success Then on Aug 9 Singapores celebrated its 50th anniversary with parades that touted a half-century of unparalleled growth Both milestones should boost the PAP 2 Growing opposition Every Singaporean voter will receive a ballot with the name of a ruling and opposition party member this year and each of the 89 parliamentary seats is contested That may not sound like much but as recently as 2006 only 47 of the 84 possible seats in that election were challenged (That election was the first time since 1988 that the PAP didnt walk into power on nomination day) In the face of this unprecedented competition the PAP will try to fare better than it did in 2011 when it lost six of the 87 contested seats to the Workers Party and secured only 601% of the popular vote its worst result ever 3 Foreign pressure A rapid influx of foreigners has frustrated many Singaporeans who complain that wealthy immigrants have pushed up the cost of living while cheap laborers have lowered wages In 2014 just 61% of the population were citizens according to government statistics The PAP has responded by raising minimum salaries for certain categories of work done by foreigners and making it harder for expatriates to get permanent residency But the solutions are not easy The open immigration policy has been credited with driving Singapores wealth over the past decade It now has the worlds seventh-highest GDP per capita ahead of the US, I feel like I have won a golden ticket. 2018 FoodCycle Cambridge is a charity that provides food for people in the area at Wesley Methodist Church every Saturday.Pandemonium reigned in the Tamil Nadu assembly on Saturday with opposition parties demanding secret ballot to decide the fate of Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami who proposed a confidence motion. 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