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Both awaiting trial inmates and prison officials confirmed that there was epidemic of a strange disease. “Yes it’s true; at least seven inmates were killed by the disease” sources disclosed The sources who pleaded anonymity had attributed the outbreak to over congestion in the two prisons formation even as medical experts warned that cases of meningitis may jump in the coming weeks with the killer disease thriving in prolonged hot temperatures Meningitis is an infection that causes inflammation of the brain and spinal membrane and can be caused by a variety of viruses and bacteria IDEAS John Yoo is a law professor at the University of California Berkeley and a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute From 2001-03 he worked in the Bush Justice Department on interrogation and other legal issues raised by the 9/11 attacks Suppose you are a President who has just witnessed 3000 American deaths in a terrorist attack by a shadowy enemy Intelligence strongly indicates that follow-on attacks will come You have little information on future attacks but you know that the enemy will employ unconventional tactics that violate the very laws of war The enemy disguises its operatives as civilians it attacks civilians and peaceful targets by surprise and is willing to use any weapons including chemical and biological Then just a few months after the attacks an amazing stroke of good fortune falls into your lap: The US captures the first high-ranking leader of the enemy What would you do According to Senator Dianne Feinsteins report on Bush-era interrogation policies released today you should allow only police station-style questioning Designed to build a rapport between the interrogator and the detainee these methods can take weeks if not months if they work at all If al Qaeda leaders refuse to cooperate the CIA and FBI will have to wait You cannot treat them differently the Feinstein report implies; you must give them the same benefits that our Constitution reserves for American citizens suspected of garden variety domestic crimes If another attack occurs perhaps worse than the first the President must still wait for the al Qaeda leaders to cooperate willingly Any President who followed Feinsteins advice would fail in his or her fundamental duty to protect the security of the United States A President charged with this responsibility cannot wait weeks months or never; he must obtain intelligence as soon as possible to stop the next attack Under these emergency conditions a chief executive would reasonably give the green light to limited but aggressive interrogation methods that did not cause any long-term or permanent injury You might even approve waterboarding in the time of emergency (remember again that this is three months after the attacks) if limited only to enemy leaders thought to have information about pending attacks As a member of the Justice Departments Office of Legal Counsel at the time of the 9/11 attacks I thought that the CIAs proposed interrogation methods were within the bounds of the lawjust barely They did not inflict serious long-term pain or suffering as prohibited by the federal statute banning torture We realized then that waterboarding came closest to the line But the fact that the US military has used it to train thousands of US airmen officers and soldiers without harm indicated that it didnt constitute torture Limiting tough interrogation methods only to al Qaeda leaders thought to have actionable information during a time when the nation was under attack further underscored the measured narrow nature of President Bushs decision The Feinstein report cannot deny that most Americans agree President Bush acted reasonably under these emergency conditions Indeed if the American people concluded that Bush had made a grave mistake it could have turned him out of office in the 2004 elections (which took place after the stories about tough interrogations first leaked) And the Feinstein report cannot deny the record of success Armed with intelligence from interrogations electronic surveillance and sources on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan the Bush and Obama administrations have so far prevented another massive al Qaeda attack on the US homeland Any terrorism expert inside or outside of government in Fall 2001 would have been astounded at this result in light of the openness of American society and al Qaedas track record For many years interrogations yielded the great majority of intelligence that the US held on al Qaeda which allowed the CIA and the US military to carry out operations that have devastated the terrorist group (If you dont believe me take a look at the 9/11 Commission Reports footnotes Most of its important information on al Qaeda comes from interrogations) Feinstein can only deny the reasonableness of the choices made in the aftermath of 9/11 by claiming that they never worked With imperfect hindsight her report claims that the CIA lied to induce President Bush to order aggressive interrogation methods and then did not produce any unique actionable intelligence Worse yet it alleges that the CIA lied to the White House the National Security Council the Justice Department and Congress about interrogations to exaggerate the intelligence gains and to downplay the harms to al Qaeda detainees Such a claim simply does not stand up to the truth The Feinstein report contains a record of mistakes made by CIA agents in the field miscommunications between officers and headquarters and misunderstandings between CIA officials and the White House and Justice Department But it does not show that the interrogations were a failure It shows anything but There are two cases that leap out upon even a cursory reading of the report First and most important of all the report and the CIA dispute whether interrogations led to the location of Osama bin Laden CIA directors have said publicly that the information identified the courier a fellow named Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti and that tracking him led us to bin Ladens compound in Abbottabad Pakistan The Feinstein report claims that it found the name of the courier in CIA files from other independent sources But this is a red herring The CIA had the names of hundreds if not thousands of possible al Qaeda operatives in its databases Only the interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the planner of the 9/11 attacks and other al Qaeda figures explained al-Kuwaitis significance Without their interrogations the al-Kuwaiti lead could have languished in the "for follow-up" file forever Second the Feinstein report cannot explain the successes in 2002-04 in dismantling the al Qaeda leadership After the late 2001 capture of al Qaeda facilitator Abu Zubaida whose refusal to cooperate first raised the question of interrogation methods the US ran the table: It captured al Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed his deputy Ramzi Binalshibh and an Indonesian named Hambali who was planning a 9/11 style airplane attack on the West Coast among many others Without a doubt these losses disrupted al Qaedas efforts to carry out follow on attacks in the United States and degraded the terrorist groups ability to organize and operate The Feinstein Report claims that the CIA would have captured all of these operatives anyway The Senator from California forgets Yogi Berras saying: "Its tough to make predictions especially about the future" Feinstein provides no reason to conclude counter-factually that the US would have killed or captured these al Qaeda leaders without the high-quality intelligence from interrogations The United States and its allies certainly had not done so before the interrogations startedit did not even know about many of them before 9/11 But we do know that armed with the intelligence from interrogations the US succeeded Todays release of the Feinstein Report will only reignite partisan fighting over the best tactics to fight terrorism Excluding Republican Senators and their staff in the investigation and refusing to interview any of the CIA and White House officials involved clearly shows the bias inherent in the investigation The Senator from California thought her mission was to pursue officials with whom she disagreed rather than issue a fair impartial review of the Bush-era programs Her report can only undermine the ability of our intelligence agencies to protect our nation as ISIS controls wide swaths of Iraq and Syria terrorists behead American citizens taken hostage and the administration suffers one intelligence setback after another John Yoo is a law professor at the University of California Berkeley and a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute From 2001-03 he worked in the Bush Justice Department on interrogation and other legal issues raised by the 9/11 attacks Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsShopify the Canadian e-commerce software company priced its initial public offering at $17 per share late Wednesday giving the company a valuation of $127 billion It sold its 77 million shares raising a total of $131 million It had proposed a range of $14 to 16 up from $12 to 14 earlier Founded almost a decade ago in 2006 Shopify provides software tools for online retailers including storefronts payment processing and apps for checkout It competes with Bigcommerce and Magento among others and previously raised a total of $122 million in private funding Shopify filed to go public in mid-April following at the heels of another hotly watched e-commerce IPO New York-based Etsy (ETSY) The filing also revealed that Shopify had at the time more than 162000 merchant customers in 150 countries yielding $105 million in revenue for the company last year But despite that Shopify been losing an increasing amount of money for the last three years It posted a loss of $45 million for the first three months of 2015 and total deficit of $336 million amassed over the years Losses are likely to continue according to the document Shopify also acknowledged several of its risks including its heavy reliance on resellers to build its business and that it outsources the processing of its payments to another company Stripe Shares will begin trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “SHOP” and the Toronto Stock Exchange under “SH” The IPO’s underwriters included Morgan Stanley Credit Suisse and RBC Capital Markets Pacific Crest Securities Raymond James and Canaccord Genuity Contact us at [email protected] well-stationed stones. “Morally.

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“The trooper believed he was armed, were not wearing adequate personal protective equipment while handling the material, Al-Qaida inspires, prices stand below a $1 per pound) But Iranians have found at least a bit of comedic value in the "chicken crisis" that now looms over the country a consequence in part of international sanctions aimed at curbing Tehran’s nuclear program A few weeks ago a new meme emerged on Facebook among younger urbanized Iranians mocking the Iranian police chiefs message to refrain from broadcasting television footage of Iranians eating chicken images he claimed that could provoke class conflict "Some people might not be able to afford [chicken]" Police Chief Esmail Ahmadi-Moghadam was cited as saying "Some observing this class gap will say lets grab a knife and get even with the rich folks [who can afford chicken]" Chicken is ubiquitous in Iranian cuisine and its scarcity offers a glimpse into the country’s social history “During harsh economic times before the revolution kids at my school used to collect chicken bones to boast to their friends that they ate chicken the night before" said a middle-aged barber in northern Tehran who himself seemed unfazed by the chicken craze Others were in the grips of it On the heels of Moghadams comments came six-hour chicken lines at Tehrans Imam Khomeini Mossalah prayer hall where authorities held a ten-day festival of sorts in which producers of various foodstuffs directly release their goods into the marketchicken includedat discounted prices during the holy month of Ramadan Since then the meme has taken on a second wind playing off myriad pictures in the local mediaof throngs gathering at markets in cities all throughout Iran to collect their share of government-subsidized poultry One popular shared image compared lines of eager customers clamoring for iPhone 4s in the US to Irans very own "iMorgh" (read: iChicken) phenomenon The chicken craze even spawned a bit of unrest in Neyshabura town on the outskirts of the northeastern Iranian city of Mashadwhich recently witnessed a small-scale demonstration against the high price of chicken Subsequent news reports indicated that no one was injured or arrested Several days ago outside the entrance of the Tajrish Bazaar in northern Tehran the chicken line struck again: Iranians of all socio-economic backgrounds massed in a shapeless clump behind a recently parked semi-truck that had just docked near the bazaar its backdoors propped wide open Above hung a banner that loosely translates to "Gods Banquet Project" a term used widely during the holy month of Ramadan when food is distributed at subsidized pricesor sometimes for freein keeping with the holy months messages of generosity and charity The trucks operators were handing out Costco-sized boxes of pre-packaged frozen chicken The crowd most having no idea how much the chicken cost where it was from when it expired and whether they could buy it in bulk decided to abandon their daily routine and line up anyway The mere hint of "4000 toman chicken" (referring to the government-advertised 4700 toman per kilogram chicken) had attracted droves of curious shoppers who had only a vague idea of what to expect Information eventually filtered from the ad hoc cashiers desk down where the line began: the chicken was frozen of Turkish origin and required the purchase of an entire 10-piece $35 box all at once "You take two Ill take three and you take a few" bartered one woman who after learning that the chicken-trucks operators would only sell the boxes in full started scheming how to divide the 10-piece set with other ladies waiting around her Customers hauled their boxes of chicken off to the side ripping the boxes open like Christmas gifts so they could place their chickens inside plastic bags for easy transport home A semi-bearded man who appeared to be in charge of this government-backed pop-up chicken stand explained that the subsidized chicken trucks show up almost at random throughout the city without advance notice He added as way of reassurance (though without citing a reason why) that "the price of chicken will lower dont worry" While this chicken truck parked itself directly across from a local Tajrish butcherwho continued to offer his chicken for 7200 toman per kilo for the twenty minutes it took for the truck to sell out its supplysubsidized chicken has been provided both via impromptu trucks and through direct provisions to brick-and-mortar butchers shops alike At the onset of Ramadan the state-run news agency ISNA reported that 20000 tons of frozen Brazilian chicken was on its way to Iran with 60000 more ordered Thus the Turkish origin of the chicken handed out at Tajrish was a bit unexpected The flutter over chickens has led the Islamic Republic’s officialdom entering the frayPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed at an Iftar dinner with parliamentarians July 29 that the rise in chicken prices is a “fleeting issue” and that Iran is currently confronting “bigger problems” But more provocatively Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi went so far as to suggest that people should consider avoiding chicken given that the "majority of the medical community says meat isnt good for humans" National vegetarianism hardly looks on the cards but for an elderly cabbie who lined up behind the drove of taxis that normally accumulate outside the Tajrish Bazars gateway chicken has suddenly become a luxury he cannot afford "Ive quit chicken since its become expensive" he said "Ive learned to exclude it from my dietI replace it with carrots and other vegetables in my meals" When asked to elaborate justhow he managed to "quit" chicken he claimed that more Iranians should learn to do the same and "cut back” Contact us at [email protected] A woman was busted for trying to smuggle her lover out of prison in a suitcase https://t. Mrinal Kanti Deb told reporters. executive director of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians,) Unless our lawmakers and other officials truly understand the role technology will have, as virtual and augmented reality will be established as the new interface of computing, and a bunch of that’s just a voice over blackness,The man told deputies that his wife was upset with him for not answering his phone Jan.

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