staging sit-ins and saying Rice was partially responsible for the war in Iraq, Ore. there had already been signs of trouble in the hipster paradise Following the election in November several days of anti-Trump protests eventually turned into what police deemed a riot as baseball bat-wielding protestors broke windows and refused to disperse About two dozen people were arrested Among those on the streets were far-left antifascist and anarchist activists who have been showing up in cities like Berkeley Seattle and Washington DC often in clashes with alt-right extremists And they were back in action in Portland again this month after a tragic incident on a commuter train became a flash point in the national conversation about America’s civility drain Two men died while sticking up for two young women one of whom was wearing a hijab after a knife-wielding man starting yelling anti-Muslim slurs at them In his arraignment the suspect in the stabbings cast himself as a champion of “free speech” As tensions flared Wheeler asked right-wing organizers to cancel an upcoming “free speech” rally and asked the federal government to revoke a permit for the event but both parties declined Thousands of ralliers and counter-protesters showed up More than a dozen were arrested this time Uncompromising groups on either end of the spectrum have been casting one another as the unreasonable villain in these blowups While those on the right say leftist groups are attacking free speech by using chaos and vandalism to “shut down” conservative viewpoints those on the left say that right-wingers are using the First Amendment as cover for spewing hateful ideologies TIME spoke to Wheeler about what he has been seeing in his town of 639000 in the Pacific Northwest and how the Democrat sees these incidents fitting in to tensions that are being felt across the country (The following has been edited for brevity and clarity) TIME: How would you sum up whats been going on in Portland Ted Wheeler: Portland has a long history of protest and counter-protest People in Portland are politically very engaged and the expression of political ideas is nothing new to this community Obviously since the election of Donald Trump weve seen more intensity both in terms of increased protests from the far right and protests from the far left What does this say about the broader national climate Number one the election of Donald Trump was an unwelcome surprise to people on the left particularly the far left In terms of the far right the rhetoric coming out of the White House has certainly emboldened alt-right viewpoints And because Portland is a very progressive community its a target for alt-right protests That being said people have come and expressed their points of view on all sides And for the most part the protests have been peaceful with minimal injuries arrests or vandalism Another way it fits into the bigger picture is I have long believed that we need to change our political discourse in this country Its become very personal its become more polarized The left and the right are moving farther apart We have a missing middle in our political discourse When protests have led to damage or violence or arrests why has that happened Thats probably more of a tactical question My job is to make sure that as people express their First Amendment rights the public safety is maintained Prior to my taking office in January there was a situation in November where there was a considerable amount of vandalism and violence So upon taking office I made it very clear we would support the right to peaceful protests but we also set clear expectations: no violence no vandalism no occupying bridges no entering onto freeways What role are antifascist and anarchist groups playing It fits into the larger polarization of political viewpoints in America The antifascist movement and the alt-right movement are both relatively small movements compared to the population as a whole but increasingly its the far right and the far left clashing on the streets of American cities Whats missing in the conversation is people in the center calling for a calm and rational discourse The country is definitely dividing and thats very concerning to me And as a mayor it increases the challenges around keeping people separated and maintaining the peace Some antifascist groups have been justifying tactics like property damage saying the real violence is racist sexist speech What is your take on that line of thinking First of all Ill draw a clear line Vandalism or violence are against the law and we do not tolerate either And we will enforces the laws That is completely separate from exercising ones First Amendment rights to free speech First Amendment rights as with all rights come with implied responsibilities We support the rights of people to come and express different points of view And to some degree I think that should be encouraged that people should express different points of view and we should listen to what other people are saying and be exposed to different ideas than those that we hold ourselves Thats a uniquely American value But people also have to exercise those rights responsibly and when you cross the line into violence or vandalism thats no longer in my view an expression of First Amendment rights Thats a violation of the law Many on the left have claimed that people on the right especially the alt right are using the words "free speech" as a cover for spreading hateful ideologies What is your take on that Hateful ideology as reprehensible as it is is protected by the First Amendment That being said theres a responsibility implied in exercising the First Amendment We have seen plainly that hateful and bigoted speech can lead to violence And therefore I do hold people responsible for what they say and people should be held accountable for how the exercising of their First Amendment rights and their expression of their points of view can be directly linked to violence Why did you call for the rally to be canceled after the incident on the train [In the commuter train incident the alleged perpetrator] was using what I would personally describe as hate speech It was certainly hateful and it was certainly bigoted speech And [three men] stood up to protect these young women and two of them paid with their lives and a third was seriously injured Less than a week later the alt right wanted to have a protest in the city of Portland . not its tail. Applicants would need to be sponsored by a PI and their institution. During a speech at the United Nations last month, adding that Trump "is ignorant over details like what the law actually requires or permits. Oct. 2018 Great night, which may give coastal residents cause for concern if their last two annual forecasts are anything to go by.

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but that is a hell of a lot of cake. Only about 4, bleeding and building, He made the disclosure during his Independence Day nationwide broadcast. Hes currently going out with a woman younger than Emma. which is not mentioned in a bipartisan plan unveiled late Wednesday. Man stuff. on Aug. 2014.K. checking out stores in London Oxford and of course Bicester “I have been to the UK three or four times and I think it is very beautiful the air is fresher and I like the shopping” said Elaine who sat down with me in a Bicester cafe while she took a break from browsing “Food and transport is more expensive in England [than in Guangzhou] but shopping is cheaper maybe around 40% cheaper” Fellow shopper Joe from Shenyang a city in northeastern China agreed with Elaine “You can get designer clothes for about 20% cheaper and high street clothes for 40% cheaper here than in China” said the 34-year-old who runs a small electronics company “Today I have bought clothes and bags from Balenciaga I didn’t bring a list with me I just bought stuff I need” Hong Kong-based friends Agnes and Candy both in their 50s had more direction than Joe when I spoke to them as they waited in Marylebone Station for their train to Bicester “I want to buy a trench coat from Burberry as well as a scarf” said Candy “I also want to visit Jo Malone” Even without its elaborate Chinese New Year presentation it’s clear that Bicester Village makes an effort to cater to its Chinese big spenders Signs in Mandarin can be found everywhere from the nearby Marylebone train station to the Bicester branch of popular sandwich chain Pret a Manger The Bicester website is available in Chinese with special discounts available for the Chinese New Year period and a Chinese-style noodle stand sits right at the Village center the menu available in both Mandarin and English It’s not difficult to understand why “Chinese people Chinese tourists spend the most money in this Village and the shopping areas” said Xu Jin in his New Year speech “I hope everybody today you spend your money and choose things you like” he added “And we hope that Bicester Village in the future can get much more popular and also I hope Chinese people enjoy their shopping today” It certainly sounds like they will Write to Kate Samuelson at [email protected] five movies Mission: Impossible is still box office gold Rogue Nation debuted to a solid $56 million this weekend exceeding expectations and outstripping everything else in theaters Initial studio estimates had Rogue Nation debuting around $40 million for the weekend but it was clear that Rogue Nation was destined for bigger things when it opened to $204 million on Friday the best single-day opening in M:I history Its difficult to compare Mission: Impossible debuts mainly because each one opened in such varied circumstances (The first two opened the Wednesday before Memorial Day for example and 2013s Ghost Protocol rolled out in 425 preview theaters before going wide Christmas weekend) But comparing traditional three-day weekend numbers Rogue Nations $56 million makes it the second-biggestMission: Impossible opening of all time falling just shy of Mission: Impossible IIs $578 million (Of course adjusted for inflation Rogue Nation ends up in fourth place) Rogue Nation marks Tom Cruises third biggest domestic opening of all time behind War of the Worlds ($649 million) and Mission: Impossible II This is also the biggest opening for Cruise and writer/director Christopher McQuarrie as Valkyrieopened to $21 million in 2008 and Jack Reacheropened to $15 million in 2012 (McQuarrie also wrote the script for Edge of Tomorrow which debuted to $287 million in 2014) Meanwhile Vacation opened with an estimated $149 million for the weekend and a five-day total of $212 million Thats well under initial predictions which expected the National Lampoon sequel to reach $30 million over five days but it was still enough to snag second place After topping the box office two weeks in a row Ant-Man slid to third place falling 49 percent to $126 million Minions also spent its fourth weekend in the top five dropping 47 percent to an estimated $122 million (Minions also crossed $850 million at the global box office this weekend) And after its lackluster debut last weekend Pixels fell to $104 million a drop of about 57 percent Here are this weekends top five at the box office: 1 Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation $56 million 2 Vacation $149 million 3 Ant-Man $126 million 4 Minions $122 million 5 Pixels $104 million This article originally appeared at EWcom Contact us at [email protected]

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