first_imgAugust 9, 2019 /Sports News – National ESPN: Antonio Brown threatens he won’t play football without old helmet Beau Lund FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPhoto by Deanne Fitzmaurice / ESPN Images(OAKLAND) — New Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has filed a grievance against the NFL over league rules regarding helmets.League sources told ESPN that Brown wants to be allowed to wear his preferred helmet, which is not permissible under the NFL’s rules. ESPN’s Adam Schefter says Brown believes the new styles of helmet inhibit his vision while trying to catch passes, and that he will not play football unless he is allowed to do so in his old helmet.ESPN reports that Brown’s absence from training camp is tied more closely to the helmet issue than a foot injury that he has been recovering from. Earlier this week, reports indicated that Brown had suffered frostbite on his feet from a cryotherapy accident.Brown spoke with league officials Friday on a two-hour conference call to argue his point. A decision come could next week.The helmet Brown prefers was discontinued by its maker, Schutt, and is no longer certified by the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment. The league said last season that 32 players were wearing helmets that are no longer allowed, including Brown and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.center_img Written bylast_img read more

first_img* Do you have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accreditedinstitution in Engineering to include: Aerospace, Biosystems,Chemical, Civil, Software, Electrical and Computer, Industrial andSystems, Mechanical and Materials at the time employment begins?YesNo * Please select the answer that best describes your currentemployment relationship with Auburn University.Not a current Auburn employeeCurrent Auburn employee in position less than one yearCurrent Auburn employee in position more than one year Position DetailsRequisition NumberS238PHome Org NameEngineering AdministrationDivision NameSamuel Ginn Col of EngineeringPosition TitleResearch Engineer IIIJob Class CodeJA01CAppointment StatusFull-timePart-time FTELimited TermYesLimited Term Length2 yearsJob SummaryThis is a two year limited term appointment. Continuation ofemployment will be contingent upon availability offunding.This is a pool posting for future vacancies in this jobclassification. Applications will be considered active for a periodof six months from the posting dateThe Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is seeking candidates formultiple positions for Research Engineers. A Research Engineerconducts research in various fields of engineering to design anddevelop technology and to carry out investigations, evaluation, andapplication of engineering theories and principles. These positionswill be based on two-year terms which will be renewable based onperformance and abilities to secure and support externally fundedresearch.Essential FunctionsEssential Functions include, but are not limited to:Performs a variety of research and development activities requiringthe application of engineering practices and principles.Designs, operates, maintains, and repairs specialized equipment andengineered systems utilizing engineering practices andprinciples.Advises faculty, postdocs, students, and staff with engineeringdesign, modification, prototype and process development, analysisprocedures, and other engineering solutions.Performs failure analysis, optimization studies and otherinvestigations.Evaluates findings to develop new concepts, equipment, orprocesses.Ensures supplies are available and operational for use inprojects.May manage local computer systems for laboratoryfunctionality.Develops proposals, budgets, schedules and progress reports andpresents results to internal and external stakeholders.Prepares technical reports for long and short-range planning.Education LevelBachelor’s Degree from an accredited institutionField of StudyEngineering to include: Aerospace, Biosystems, Chemical, Civil,Software, Electrical and Computer, Industrial and Systems,Mechanical and Materials at the time employment begins.Years of ExperienceLevel I requires no experienceArea of ExperienceExperience in engineering and research practices and principles inmicroelectronics, automotive electronics, highway research,robotics and autonomous systems, metallurgy and materials, asphalttechnology, pulp and paper, transportation, energy technology,detection and food safety, cyber-security and informationtechnology.Requirements for Additional Job LevelsLevel II- 2 years; Level III -4 years; Level IV-6 years; Level V- 8years; Level VI- 10 yearsEducation LevelAdvanced degrees may be considered in lieu of experienceField of StudyEngineeringYears of ExperienceArea of ExperienceRequirements for Additional Job LevelsMinimum Skills and AbilitiesMinimum Technology SkillsMinimum License and CertificationsSome positions may require licensure as a professionalengineer.Desired QualificationsDesired qualifications include a Masters or Doctoral degrees,Professional Engineering Licensure, Commercial Drivers License orRemote Pilot Certificate.Salary Grade30Salary Range$35,000 – $131,600Job CategoryEngineeringWorking Hours if Non-TraditionalList any hazardous conditions or physical demands required bythis positionPosting Date05/22/2020Closing DateEEO StatementAUBURN UNIVERSITY IS AN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION / EQUAL OPPORTUNITYEMPLOYER . It is our policy to provide equal employmentopportunities for all individuals without regard to race, sex,religion, color, national origin, age, disability, protectedveteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, genderidentity, or any other classification protected by applicablelaw.Special Instructions to ApplicantsQuick Link for Internal Postings Needed to ApplyRequired DocumentsResumeCover LetterOptional DocumentsSupplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).center_img * How were you made aware of this opportunity?AU Employment websiteEmployment websites (Indeed, HigherEd Jobs, etc.)Veterans Assistance ServicesDisability Assistance ServicesNewspaperProfessional JournalListservHR emailSocial MediaState Employment ServiceWalk-inOtherlast_img read more

first_imgAffordable Housing Project UnveiledOCTOBER 23RD, 2018 JOYLYN BUKOVAC EVANSVILLECommunity and business leaders gathered to celebrate the new Carpenter Court Apartments, which is aimed to help families in need. The complex was previously the old St. Joseph Catholic School building and it brought back memories to some people involved in this project.“We heard a couple people that were here today talk about, you know, they played volleyball here in the gymnasium and the gymnasium is now two floors of apartments so it’s kind of a cool transformation,” says Mike Harbaugh, Old National Bank Investment Specialist.This 45-unit apartment complex is only available for people earning 30%-60% percent of Area Median Income (AMI) with rent prices ranging from $298 to $720 a month. The affordable units include some amenities with several services at residents’ fingertips.“We will provide support services. We have a total family support network from childcare all the way up to seniors, and we’ll offer those services and make sure that the support that the families need, we will provide for them,” says David Wagner, Executive Director of Carver Community Organization.Many local organizations came together to ensure each residents’ needs are met.“It’s impressive so everything from Head Start Programming; you name it, it’s available to the residents here, so I think if you look at the success Evansville is having. Throughout the city now, you’ll look at one word, and it’s collaboration, and it’s really evident in this facility today,” says Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.Old National Bank provided the construction and the permanent loans for the project. Through its subsidiary ONB Community Equity, Old National Bank also provided a $6.7 million Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) direct equity investment.“Old National is very proud to be able to provide some affordable housing which continues to be a need not just in Evansville but across the country really,” says Harbaugh.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

first_imgsecond or lower-tier subcontractor from the project and replace it with a responsive and responsible subcontractor.(D)Failure of a subcontractor to submit the required information shall not disqualify the successful bidder from performing work on the project and shall not constitute a contractual default and/or breach by the successful bidder. However, the City may The City may withhold all payments otherwise due to a bidder for work performed by a subcontractor, until thesuch subcontractor submits the required information required pursuant to this chapter and the City approves such information. The City may also require that successful bidder to remove the subcontractor from the project and replace it with aSuccessful bidders shall only be permitted to use approved subcontractors which have provided required information to the City about the applicable responsive and responsible subcontractor.(E)The disclosure of a subcontractor (“Disclosed Subcontractor”) by a bidder or a subcontractor shall not create any rights in the Disclosed Subcontractor. Thus, aA bidder and/or subcontractor may not substitute another subcontractor (“Substitute Subcontractor”) for a Disclosed Subcontractor by giving thewithout written approval of City. The contractor shall provide written notice of the name, address, and type of work of the Substitute Subcontractor. The Substitute Subcontractor isshall be subject to all of the obligations of a subcontractor under this chapter.(3) 15.30.030 Validity of pre-qualification classification(A) Upon designation by the City that a contractor’s or subcontractor’s submission in anticipation of a bid is complete and timely, and upon any further consideration deemed necessary by the City, the contractor or subcontractor may be pre-qualified for future City public works projects. A contractor’s classification as “pre-qualified” shall exempt the contractor or sub-contractor from the comprehensive submission requirements contained herein for a period of twelve (12) months. Thereafter, contractors or subcontractors who are pre-qualified must submit a complete application for continuation of “pre-qualified” standing on a form provided by the City (also referred to as the “short form”) by December 31st for the upcoming calendar year. Failure by any pre-qualified contractor or subcontractor to timely submit its complete application for continuation of “pre-qualified” standing shall result in automatic removal of the designation, effective January 1 of the upcoming year. However, the “removed” contractor or subcontractor shall still be permitted to bid on City public works projects.(B) Any material changes to the contractor’s status, at any time, must be reported in writing within ten (10) days of its occurrence to the City. The pre-qualification designation is solely within the discretion of the City and the City specifically reserves the right to change or revoke the designation for a stated written reason(s).(C) Denial of pre-qualification shall be in writing and shall be forwarded to the contractor within seven (7) working days of such decision. Any contractor denied or losing pre- qualification status may request reconsideration of the decision by submitting such request in writing to the City within five (5) business days of receipt of notice of denial.(4) 15.30.040 Incomplete submissions by bidders(A) It is the sole responsibility of the potential bidder to comply with all submissionrequirements applicable to the bidder in this section 15.30.010 above3.95.040 by no later than 4826-6290-1551.v1 Contractors proposing to submit bids on any City of Evansville, Indiana (“City”),public works project estimated to be at least seventy-five thousandOne Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollars ($75150,000.00) or more must, prior to the opening of bidsbid submission deadline, submit a statement made under oath and subject to perjury laws, on a form designated by the City and must include:(A)A copy of a print-out of the Indiana Secretary of State’s online records for the bidder dated within sixty (60) days of the submission of said document showing that the bidder is in existence, current with the Indiana Secretary of State’s Business Entity Reports, and eligible for a certificate of good standing. If the bidder is an individual, sole proprietor, or partnership, this subsection 15.30.010(A3.95.040(1) shall not apply;(B)A list identifying all former business names.(C) Any determinations by a court or governmental agency for violations of federal, state, orlocal laws including, but not limited to violations of contracting or antitrust laws, tax or licensing laws, environmental laws, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (“OSHA”), or federal Davis- Bacon and related Acts;(D)A statement on staffing capabilities, including labor sources from which labor will be derived on the public works project;(E) Evidence of(E) Evidence that the contractor is in compliance with I.C. 5-16-13-12 and its requirements pertaining to participation in apprenticeship and training programs applicable to the work to be performed on the project, which are approved by and registered with Presented to me, the undersigned, City Clerk of the City of Evansville, Indiana, and to the Mayor of said City, the ____ day of ________________, 2016, at _____ o’clock __.m. for his consideration and action thereon.____________________________ Laura Windhorst, City ClerkCity of Evansville, Indiana the United States Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship, or its successor organization, with such evidence including a copy of all applicable apprenticeship certificates or standards for such training programspublic work project;(F) A copy of a written plan for employee drug testing that: (1) covers all employees of the bidder who will perform work on the public work project; and (2) meets, or exceeds, the requirements set forth in I.C. 4-13-18-5 or I.C. 4-13-18-6section 3.95.020 of this Chapter and I.C. 36-1-12-24;(G)The name and description of the management experience of each of the bidder’s project managers and superintendents that bidder intends to assign to work on the project;(H)Proof of any professional or trade license required by law and section 3.95.030 of this Chapter for any trade or specialty area in which bidder is seeking a contract award, disclosure of any suspension orrevocation within the previous five years of any professional or trade license held by the company, or of any director, office or manager employed by the bidder;(I) Evidence that the contractor is utilizing a surety company which is on the United States Department of Treasury’s listing of approved sureties; and(J) A(J) The contractor shall provide a written statement of any federal, state, or local tax liens or tax delinquencies owed to any federal, state, or local taxing body in the last five years.The City reserves the right to require supplemental information from the bidder for verification of any of the information provided by the bidder and may also conduct random inquiries of the bidder’s current and prior customers. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this section shall not apply to a public work project performed by the City in accordance with I.C. 36-1-12- 3(b).(2) 15.30.020 Post-bid submissionsSubmissions from subcontractors(A)All bidders shall provide a written list that discloses the name, address, and type of work for each first-tier subcontractor from whom the bidder has accepted a bid and/or intends to hire on any part of the public work project, including individuals performing work as independent contractors, within five (5) business days after the date the bids are due.. In accordance with section 3.90.110, all bidders shall adhere to City policy and procedures pertaining to minority owned business and women owned business utilization.(B)In addition, each such first-tier subcontractor shall be required to adhere to the requirements of section 15.30.0103.95.040(1) of this chapter as though it were bidding directly to the City, except that first-tier subcontractors shall submit the required information (including the name, address, and type of work for each of their first-tier subcontractors) to the successful bidder no later than five (5) business days after the subcontractor’s first day of work on the public work projectbidder and the bidder shall then forward said information to the City. Payment shall be withheld from any first-tier subcontractor who fails to timely submit said information until such information is submitted and approved by the City.(C)Upon request, the City may require any second and lower-tier subcontractorsbidder to provide the required information (including name, address, type of work on the project and the name of the higher-tier subcontractor).) about its second and lower-tier subcontractors. Payments shall be withheld from any second or lower-tiered contractorbidder who fails to timely submit this information until this information is submitted and approved by the City. Additionally, the City may require the successful bidder andto remove the relevant subcontractor to remove theor 15.30.020 15.30.030 15.30.040 15.30.050 15.30.060 15.30.070 15.30.08015.30.010 Post-bid submissions from subcontractors Validity of pre-qualification classification Incomplete submissions by biddersResponsive and responsible bidder determination Certified payrollPublic recordsPenalties for false, deceptive, or fraudulent statements / informationBid submission requirements ____________________________ Missy MosbyPresident of the Common Council FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare ATTEST:____________________________ Laura Windhorst, City ClerkCity of Evansville, Indiana AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING CHAPTER 15.30SECTION 3.95.040 (RESPONSIBLE BIDDING PRACTICES AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS) OF THE CODE OF ORDINANCESWHEREAS, the City of Evansville, Indiana (“City”), is required by law pursuant to I.C. 36-1-12-4 to award capital improvement certain contracts for public works projects to the “lowest responsive and responsible” bidder;WHEREAS, the City, based upon its experience, has determined that quality workmanship, efficient operation, safety, and timely completion of projects requires all bidders meet certain minimum requirements in order to be a “responsive and responsible” bidder;WHEREAS, applicable state law also requires that bidders meet certain minimum requirements in order to be a “responsive and responsible” bidder;WHEREAS, I.C. 36-1-12-4(b)(10) further requires that the City entity awarding a public works contract where bids are required to consider certain factors when determining whether a bidder is “responsive”, such factors include: 1) whether the bidder has submitted a quote that conforms in all material respects to the specifications; 2) whether the bidder has submitted a bid that complies specifically with the invitation to bid and the instructions to bidders; and 3) whether the bidder has complied with all applicable statutes, ordinances, resolutions or rules pertaining to the award of a public contract;WHEREAS, I.C. 36-1-12-4(b)(11) further requires that the City entity awarding a public works contract where bids are required to consider certain factors when determining whether a bidder is “responsible”, such factors include: 1) the ability and capacity of the bidder to perform the work; 2) the integrity, character, and reputation of the bidder; and 3) the competence and experience of the bidder;WHEREAS, the City seeks to enhance its ability to identify “responsive and responsible” bidders on all City public works construction projects by institution of more comprehensive submission requirements which are in compliance with Indiana state law;I.C. 36-1-12 et. seq.;WHEREAS, the “Responsible Bidding Practices and Submission Requirements” Ordinance will preserve administrative resources by ensuring that only qualified contractors and subcontractors are awarded contracts on public works construction projects; andWHEREAS, the “Responsible Bidding Practices and Submission Requirements” Ordinance will assure efficient use of taxpayer dollars, will promote public safety and is in the public interest.center_img 4826-6290-1551.v1 RESPONSIBLE BIDDING ORDINANCE 2016-14 AMENDED INTRODUCING: Mosby, Weaver, and AdamsCOMMITTEE: PUBLIC WORKS(OBSERVATION-THIS PROPOSED ORDINANCE SEEMLY WILL GIVE THE LOCAL TRADE UNIONS A BOOST) projects for a period of three (3) years and may be enforced pursuant to EMC 1.05.170 and 1.05.180, or as otherwise provided by statute.(9) Conflict and Applicable LawThis section 3.95.040 shall be interpreted and construed in harmony with I.C. 36-1-12, I.C. 5-16-13 and all applicable provisions of the Indiana Code as they pertain to public work projects, nothing herein shall be interpreted to be in conflict therewith. Should there be a conflict, the applicable provisions of the Indiana Code shall govern.Section 2. Severability. If any provision of this Ordinance is found to be invalid, the remaining provisions of this Ordinance shall not be affected by such a determination. These other provisions of this Ordinance shall remain in full force and effect without the invalid provision.Section 3. Effective Date. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage by the Common Council.PASSED BY the Common Council of the City of Evansville, Indiana, on the ___ day of _________________, 2016, and on said day signed by the President of the Common Council and attested by the City Clerk. 4826-6290-1551.v1 4826-6290-1551.v1 the public bid opening. Post-bid submissionsSubmissions from subcontractors must be submitted in accordance with section 15.30.0203.95.040(2) above. Submissions deemed inadequate, incomplete, or untimely by the City may result in the automatic disqualification of the bid.(5) 15.30.050 Responsive and responsible bidder determinationThe City, after review of complete and timely submissions, shall, in its sole discretion, after taking into account all information in the submission requirements, determine whether a bidder is responsive and responsible. pursuant to I.C. 36-1-12-4. The City specifically reserves the right to utilize all information provided in the contractor or subcontractor’s submission or any information obtained by the City through its own independent verification of the information provided by the contractor.(6) 15.30.060 Certified payroll(A) For public work projects in which the cost is at least Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000), the successful bidder and all subcontractors working on a public work project shall, upon request by the City, submit a certified payroll report utilizing the federal form now known as a WH-347 which must be prepared on a weekly basis and submitted to the City within ten (10) calendar days after the end of each week in which the bidder or subcontractor performed its work on the public work project. These certified payroll reports shall identify the job title, work classification, rate of pay, tax deductions, and craft of each employee on the project, e.g. journeyman electrician or apprentice electrician. The successful bidder and all subcontractors may satisfy the requirements of this section, if requested by the City, by providing the federal form now known as a WH 347.(B) The City may withhold payment due for work performed by a bidder if the bidder fails to timely submit its certified payroll reports until such time as such certified payroll reports are submitted. The City may also withhold payment due for work performed by a subcontractor if the subcontractor fails to timely submit its certified payroll reports until such time as such certified payroll reports are submitted. The City shall not withhold payment to a bidder for work performed by the bidder or for work performed by subcontractors who have submitted their certified payroll reports, because one or more other subcontractors failed to timely submit their certified payroll reports.(7) 15.30.070 Public recordsAll information submitted by a bidder or a subcontractor pursuant to this chapter, including certified payrolls, are public records subject to review pursuant to the Indiana Access to Public Records law (IC 5-14-3).(8) 15.30.080 Penalties for false, deceptive, or fraudulent statements / informationAny bidder that willfully makes, or willfully causes to be made, a false, deceptive or fraudulent statement, or willfully submits false, deceptive or fraudulent information in connection with any submission made to the City shall be disqualified from bidding on all City 4826-6290-1551.v1 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the Common Council of the City of Evansville as follows:Section 1. Amendment of Title 153 of the Code. Title 153 of the Evansville Municipal Code is hereby amended by establishing a new subsection within Chapter 15.303.95 of the Code, which shall read as follows:Chapter 15.30 RESPONSIBLE BIDDING PRACTICES AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTSSections:15.30.010 3.95.040 Responsible Bidding Practices and Submission Requirements(1) Bid submission requirementslast_img read more

first_imgScottish Co-operative Scotmid has congratulated its local bakery partner, Ashers of Nairn, after it was crowned Scottish Baker of the Year.Ashers has in-store bakeries in 12 Scotmid stores across Inverness-shire and Nairnshire, supplying customers with rolls, pies, bridies, cakes and sweet treats. Ashers recently helped Scotmid celebrate the opening of its 100th in-store bakery in Scotmid Balloan in Inverness. JG Ross, another of Scotmid’s local bakery partners, was also recognised at the award ceremony.Stephen Brown, bakery and local sourcing manager for Scotmid, said:  “We are delighted that Ashers of Nairn has been named the best bakery in Scotland for 2014 and we’d like to congratulate Alister, George and the team for their much deserved win.Customers“We are proud to be working in partnership with the team, and to have Ashers in-store bakeries in 12 of our stores. Ashers are not only experts at baking delicious bread, cakes and savouries, but they are also creative and innovative, and have been fantastic at developing new products exclusively for our customers.”Alister Asher, joint managing director for Ashers, added: “I’m absolutely delighted that Ashers has won the 2014 Scottish Baker of the Year. It’s been an exceptionally busy year due in no small part to the Scotmid partnership.”The win by Ashers is the second year that one of Scotmid’s bakery partners has scooped the title of Scottish Baker of the Year, after Stephens Bakery of Dunfermline won the award in 2013.Scotmid has been undertaking a major project to install bakeries into its stores across Scotland and Cumbria, in a drive to support more local bakers and provide an improved range of bakery products for customers.100 stores have now been fitted with bakery counters with help from a local bakery partner, offering cakes, savouries and baked goods, while other stores now stock locally-made, artisan breads. Store staff have also received special training from the bakers as part of the partnership.last_img read more

first_imgStronger consumer protections that will better inform the public, such as people who failed to understand the implications of their subprime mortgages. The new layer of regulation on banks and thrifts is not a worry, said Bair. The Financial Stability Oversight Council, an interdepartmental body of federal regulators that is so new that its first meeting was Oct. 1. The council will identify risks to systemic financial stability, and recommend ways to deal with them.“We all know there are new risks on the horizon,” she said, including the unknown impact of interest rates when they finally start to rise from historic lows.The promise of these reforms is “an era of greater stability and efficiency in our financial system.”During a question-and-answer period, Bair tackled complex questions on international leverage ratios, principal write-downs on mortgages, centralized financial systems, and even advice for those starting out in the financial world. “You need to take the risk,” she said of critical decision making. “At some point, you need to take a deep gulp and move ahead.”Bair, a one time law and business professor who has spent most of her career in government, also rang a chime for choosing public service over Wall Street. “It’s a very good feeling,” she said, “to do something tangible and meaningful for the public.”As for making big money, said Bair, it’s “all well and good — if you’ve earned it.” You know something has changed when one year you are second on the list of the world’s most powerful women, and the next year you drop to No. 15, outranked by Lady Gaga.To Sheila Bair, chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), that dip in ranking sends a good message. “My influence is declining,” she said. “That’s probably a good thing,” a sign that U.S. banks are stronger, and that the eyes of the world are no longer nervously riveted on finance regulation.Bair, who started her five-year term in 2006, made the Forbes magazine powerful-woman rankings three years in a row. In 2008, she was in the No. 2 spot, after German Chancellor Angela Merkel.The FDIC, created in 1933, guarantees the safety of deposits in member banks. It has $45 billion in cash on hand, and a $100 billion line of credit with the U.S. Treasury.Crisp and talking fast, Bair delivered the annual Glauber Lecture at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum on Wednesday (Oct. 20), a 13-minute address that she called “a high-level overview” of the strategies behind financial regulatory reform, what is being done now, and why speedy change was so needed.The urgency, of course, was demonstrated in the size, speed, and catastrophic nature of the fiscal crash two years ago. “It’s safe to say the past couple of years have been the most significant period for U.S. economic policy since the 1930s,” said Bair, “the most serious economic setback since the Great Depression.”In the six months following, she said, domestic U.S. steel production dropped by half, and 4 million jobs were slashed. Today, at least 15 million Americans are still out of work, and 6.3 million house mortgages have gone into foreclosure.In the fall of 2008, a gravely wounded economic system required “unprecedented emergency measures,” said Bair, ones that demonstrated the urgency of reform.The Dodd-Frank financial reform law adopted in July 2010 includes corrective measures that are “historic in their scope,” she said, and are now being implemented.Bair’s briefing included an important message that even nonexperts can grasp: No bank or financial institution is too big to fail any more — and that’s good.“In a world of ‘too big to fail,’ risk taking is subsidized by the government (and) losses are socialized,” she said. Dodd-Frank eliminates this “explicit government backstop,” said Bair. “Equity and debt holders should rightly be at risk if things go wrong.”Large and rich firms — the ones that are “systemically important” to U.S. markets — are now required to have resolution plans, she said. These plans are what Bair called “living wills” that outline predictable closures and liquidations, “the orderly unwinding of the company should it run into problems.”These resolution plans are critically important to financial reform, not “simply paper exercises” but “actionable documents.”The financial crisis of 2008 revealed deep flaws in the system, said Bair. “Business as usual was not an option.”She predicted that Americans will “soon see a financial system where market discipline is restored; the costs of risk taking are borne by shareholders and creditors and not by the public; consumers are better protected; and regulators are much more attuned to the types of system risk that led to this crisis.”Even before 2008, banks were already heavily regulated, said Bair. But a problematic “shadow banking” system had sprung up.The key to reform is the system of resolution plans that will ease and slow the dissolution of a troubled company. There are three other important factors in recent reforms, said Bair:Strengthened bank capitalization requirements. The impact on the cost of credit, she said, will be modest.last_img read more

first_imgIn honor of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps, the Center for Social Concerns hosted a unique networking event that brought together Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s Peace Corps alumni and prospective volunteers Friday in the LaFortune Ballroom. 2009 Notre Dame graduate Bill Warnock is currently serving with the Peace Corps in Alakamizy-ambohimaha, Madagascar. Warnock spoke with current students about participating in the Peace Corps. “I work in a small enterprise development program, teaching management, marketing and accounting skills to artisans like basket weavers and painters,” he said. Warnock also teaches information technology courses at a local high school in a computer lab he established and runs an English club for middle and high school students. Warnock said he was not sure what he wanted to do after graduation, and the Peace Corps is a great place to learn about yourself. “I was an accounting major and now most of my friends are working for a big firm, and I knew that really wasn’t for me,” he said. “Peace Corps is a pretty good place to find yourself. It gives you a lot of time for reflection and to think about what you want out of your life.” Marilyn Blasingame, a current senior, applied for the Peace Corps. “I’m really interested in the program and could learn a lot from it,” she said. Blasingame is open to several places if accepted into the program, but hopes to serve in a Russian-speaking country. “I’m really open to where I’ll serve, but I currently take Russian, and want to serve in a Russian-speaking country,” she said. Deputy Director of the Peace Corps Carrie Hessler-Radelet said Notre Dame students make ideal Peace Corps volunteers. “Notre Dame’s commitment to social justice, your commitment to community based learning, your commitment to research and study of humanity all contribute to the goals of world peace and encouraging service among your students,” Carrie Hessler-Radelet said. “So I would say that Peace Corps and Notre Dame share the same guiding principles.” The Peace Corps guiding principles are to help the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women, to help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of people served and to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans, she said. “Today at the Center for Social Concerns, I was told that 10 percent of the Notre Dame population goes overseas in some type of service, and that’s incredible,” she said. “I don’t know another school that has such a high percentage of students that are that interested in international volunteering and service, and so it is exactly the same kind of students [the Peace Corps] wants.”last_img read more

first_imgMaddie Baillio(Photo: Taylor Brauer Photography) View Comments NBC’s Hairspray Live! has found its teenage star. Maddie Baillio will make her professional debut as Tracy Turnblad in the Peacock network’s fourth annual musical telecast. The Texas native was chosen out of hundreds of hopefuls following an open casting call. The Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman musical will air on December 7.Baillio hails from League City, Texas and just finished her sophomore year as a Theater Arts major at Marymount Manhattan College. In 2014, she was named Great American Songbook Youth Ambassador; the following year, she performed alongside Michael Feinstein at venues including the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. She appeared on stage in Marymount Manhattan College productions of Once Upon a Mattress and Dracula.As previously announced, the cast will also include Harvey Fierstein, who reprises his Tony-winning performance as Edna Turnblad, Oscar winner and recent The Color Purple star Jennifer Hudson as Motormouth Maybelle, Tony and Emmy winner Martin Short as Wilbur Turnblad and Emmy winner Derek Hough in a self-prophesized turn as Corny Collins.Baillio follows in the footsteps of Tony winner Marissa Jaret Winokur, who won a Tony for originating the role of Tracy in the 2002 Broadway production. Based on the 1988 John Waters film of the same name, the show follows the plus-sized teen in 1960s Baltimore as she becomes a cast member of a local dance TV series and becomes involved in a civil rights campaign to integrate the show. A movie adaptation of the musical, starring Nikki Blonsky and John Travolta, was made in 2007.Several veterans of previous live musical telecasts are on board, including executive producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, director Kenny Leon, Fierstein, television director Alex Rudzinski and Fierstein, who will adapt Mark O’Donnell and Thomas Meehan’s book for the small screen. Tony winner Jerry Mitchell, who was Tony-nominated for choreographing the Broadway production, has also signed on.last_img read more

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Myriam DiGiovanniUSC Credit Union and Notre Dame Federal Credit Union had a score to settle before the annual USC and Notre Dame kickoff football game Nov. 29.For the second year in a row, both credit unions took their schools’ storied rivalry off the football field and into the office.At stake, not only bragging rights but a $10,000 charity donation.In a winner-take-all friendly competition, Notre Dame FCU President/CEO Tom Gryp challenged USC CU president/CEO Gary Perez, that the credit union with the most auto loan applications before the football game would receive $10,000 for the charity of its choice. Both credit unions contributed $5,000 toward the prize. continue reading »last_img read more

first_imgAfter a technical meltdown delayed results during the Iowa caucuses, Nevada Democratic Party officials promised that a revised reporting system using a telephone hotline and photos of caucus reporting sheets would ensure a smoother process.But precinct chairs at some caucuses reported long waits on the phone lines. Larry Van, a retired pharmacist who was the volunteer secretary at a precinct that went to Biden, said he called the phone number to report results eight times before he eventually got through.In the final result of a caucus at the famed Bellagio hotel on the Las Vegas strip, Sanders finished with 76 votes, Biden had 45 and no other candidate ended with a vote.Workers at the hotel, who are members of the Culinary Workers Union, streamed out of the caucus after backing Sanders despite their leadership expressing reservations about his healthcare plan.”I went for Bernie. I’m not big into politics, but I like the things he’s going for: student loan debt, schools, free healthcare,” said Aleiza Smith, 22, a housekeeper at the Bellagio.Four days of early voting in Nevada this week drew more than 75,000 Democrats, more than half first-time voters, putting the party in position to surpass the turnout record of 118,000 in 2008, when Barack Obama’s candidacy electrified the party.But those early votes had to be counted along with those cast on Saturday, complicating the process.An entrance poll by the Edison Research agency showed six in 10 Nevada voters at the caucuses backed the Medicare for All proposal, a version of which is also supported by Warren.Six out of 10 caucus-goers wanted someone who can beat Trump more than someone who agrees with them on major issues, according to the poll.The entrance poll also showed that Sanders, a self-identified democratic socialist, may be expanding his appeal beyond his core base of supporters led by youth and Hispanics.Sanders was leading in Nevada across all age groups except for those older than 65. Around 54 percent of Latino voters said they backed him, while 24 percent of college-educated white women and 34 percent of those who have a union member in their families supported him.The Nevada caucuses came a day after news broke that Sanders had been briefed by US officials that Russia was trying to help his campaign as part of an effort to interfere with the 2020 presidential election.While Sanders’ rivals tried to blunt his momentum in the caucuses, they each faced significant challenges of their own.Biden and Warren were looking to jump-start struggling campaigns after poor finishes in the first two states, while Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar are hoping to prove they can appeal to Nevada’s more diverse electorate.Sanders spoke to about 2,000 people in Las Vegas on Friday night, revving up the crowd with vows to take on “the corporate elite” and the “whole damn 1 percent”.Trump, who lost Nevada to Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016, tweeted on Saturday that he expected to win in Nevada in the general election in November and alluded to the reports that a Russian disinformation effort was supporting Sanders.At a Democratic debate in Nevada on Wednesday, candidates launched scathing attacks on Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, who has been rising in the polls on the back of a self-funded advertising blitz but is not competing in Nevada.The next primary will be on Feb. 29 in South Carolina, followed by the Super Tuesday contests in 14 states on March 3 that pick more than one-third of the pledged delegates who will help select a Democratic nominee.Nevada is the first nominating state with a diverse population after contests in predominantly white Iowa and New Hampshire.Topics : The win in Nevada will further boost the front-running candidacy of Sanders, a United States senator from Vermont, after his strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire earlier this month. He was buoyed by what entrance polls showed was strong support for a government-run Medicare for All healthcare plan like the one he has proposed.Biden, the former vice president, had been in desperate need of a strong showing after poor finishes in the first two contests. He was a distant second to Sanders with 19 percent of the vote with 10 percent of the precincts reported but ahead of former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, in third with 17 percent.”The press is ready to declare people dead quickly, but we’re alive and we’re coming back and we’re gonna win,” Biden told supporters in Las Vegas.Senator Elizabeth Warren was fourth with 11 percent in Nevada, where voters poured into more than 250 sites around the state to make their pick for a Democratic challenger to President Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 election. Bernie Sanders appeared headed to a decisive victory in the Democratic presidential caucuses in Nevada on Saturday, and early returns showed Joe Biden possibly landing a second-place finish that would give his struggling campaign new hope.Fox News and MSNBC projected Sanders as the winner in Nevada, where he was leading with more than 40 percent of the final round of popular votes with about 10 percent of precincts reported, four hours after the caucuses began.But there were long delays in the reporting of fresh results.last_img read more