Pavaso Partners With MBH Settlement Group for Digital Closings

first_imgPavaso Partners With MBH Settlement Group for Digital Closings May 7, 2018 614 Views Share in Headlines, journal, News, Origination, Technologycenter_img Company News MBH Settlement Group Pavaso 2018-05-07 David Wharton Pavaso, headquartered in Plano, Texas, will collaborate with MBH, Virginia’s largest settlement services provider, to offer digital closings. Pavaso is the developer of the industry’s only digital closing platform that brings lender, title, and borrower together in one single digital portal.MBH has been rated as the top title insurance company in the Washington, D.C., metro area for three consecutive years by the Washington Business Journal. The company has been serving clients since 1994 and boasts the largest service footprint in Virginia, with 18 offices stretching from McLean to Front Royal and Fredericksburg.“The Pavaso platform will help MBH give the lenders and REALTORS we work with a competitive advantage with faster, more convenient, and more secure closings,” said Fred Westerlund, CEO of MBH. “Our relationship with Pavaso is just the latest example of how MBH is utilizing technology to provide superior service to all of our clients across all of our markets.”Pavaso’s technology digitizes the process so that lenders can now provide a more complete loan package and reduce errors by eliminating undersigning and oversigning of the closing documents leading to lower loan costs. Consumers have a transparent and convenient closing process because they (or their REALTORs or loan officers) have access to the closing documents anywhere, on any device, prior to closing. Pavaso’s Digital Close platform is capable of producing hybrid closings (part ink, part digital) as well as complete eNote and eVault transactions.“Lenders and consumers alike are beginning to expect their service providers to offer a digital process, and not just in name,” said Mark McElroy, CEO, Pavaso. “Convenience; efficiency; ease of use…consumers now expect these things at closing. The traditional closing experience is no longer defensible. MBH joins Pavaso in the belief that there is no legitimate reason every borrower, loan officer, and REALTOR cannot have a digital closing experience—even in regions where the law inhibits a totally paperless process. With a hybrid closing option, virtually every mortgage loan closing can now be (at the very least) mostly digital. More consumers are beginning to understand this. And more lenders are beginning to demand it.”last_img read more

a360inc and National Creditors Bar Association Announce National Partnership

first_img August 17, 2018 599 Views Share a360inc and National Creditors Bar Association Announce National Partnership a360inc, a Dallas, Texas-based technology and outsourcing solutions company, and National Creditors Bar Association (NCBA) have announced a national partnership designed to provide access to compliance training programs for the bar association’s more than 500 law firms and their staffs, as well as NCBA’s in-house counsel members.The customized online portal, hosted by a360inc and available to NCBA members, currently offers 10 compliance training courses specific to the practice of creditors’ rights law. The initial course offerings include compliance training covering topics such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, among others. Each course includes several modules and knowledge assessments which must be completed in order by the user, to complete and successfully finish a course. Additional courses will be introduced periodically.“Compliance is critical in today’s environment, and at a360inc we’re focused on helping firms transform their businesses into efficient, compliant, and operationally sound enterprises. Our exciting new partnership with NCBA is an example of how we approach that transformation holistically,” said Scott Brinkley, CEO, a360inc.Mark Dobosz, Executive Director of NCBA, added, “We’re continuously scouting the industry for great partners who can add value to the NCBA membership experience. That’s why we’re excited about this new offering from a360inc and the value it brings to our members.”The online portal is now open and accessible to NCBA members. Member firms can access a dashboard that shows courses completed, in progress, or not yet viewed by their staff members. Modules may be revisited and completed at the user’s pace. NCBA members should log in to their NCBA online accounts to access the portal.center_img a360inc Company News Compliance National Creditors Bar Association 2018-08-17 David Wharton in Data, Headlines, journal, News, Technologylast_img read more

Waters Asks Financial Institutions to Aid ShutdownImpacted Borrowers

first_imgWaters Asks Financial Institutions to Aid Shutdown-Impacted Borrowers January 21, 2019 1,136 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News “President Trump’s shutdown of the federal government is inflicting tremendous harm to millions of Americans,” wrote Maxine Waters, Chairwoman of the House Committee on Financial Services, in her letter to heads of financial services industry trade associations and credit reporting agencies. Demanding a prompt written response from them by no later than January 25, 2019, she asked for specifics on what accommodations institutions and member companies are offering to affected consumers. The letter brought to notice the joint press release issued on January 11, 2019, by five financial regulatory agencies and state regulators, urging institutions to adopt prudent workout arrangements with consumers who may be affected by the ongoing federal government shutdown. The release was issued in response to Waters’ correspondence with the agencies to formulate a statement similar to the one issued during the shutdown in 2013. As the shutdown entered its 28th day on Friday, Waters pointed out that it is being “needlessly prolonged by President Trump.” Under these circumstances, she urged the institutions to take decisions as outlined in the interagency statement, to help any consumer–whether they are a federal employee, federal contractor, or others–who may be affected by the shutdown. Emphasizing the adverse effects of the shutdown, she indicated that consumers are not able to make timely payments on debts such as mortgages, student loans, car loans, business loans, or credit cards. This will also lead to affected employees likely to see a reduction in their credit scores, she noted. “I share the agencies’ view that any affected individual should contact their lenders immediately in the event they are experiencing financial difficulty. However, I believe it would be helpful for your institutions and member companies to engage in proactive outreach to, and provide flexible workout arrangements for, your customers who may be finding it difficult to pay their bills in full and on-time due to the shutdown,” the letter reads. She also encouraged institutions to consider the appropriateness and fairness of reporting adverse information about their customers to consumer reporting agencies. Waters stated that it is in no one’s interest “to punish those who may be enduring financial stress through no fault of their own.”“I appreciate that some of your institutions and member companies have already been announcing accommodations for affected consumers, but it is important that there be a robust effort by all institutions to do what they can to help,” Waters wrote. center_img Chairwoman of the House Committee on Financial Services government shutdown Maxine Waters President Trump 2019-01-21 Donna Joseph Sharelast_img read more

Gen Xers Renting vs Owning a Home

first_img May 15, 2019 596 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination, Servicing Credit access is often a significant barrier to homeownership. According to a report from LendingTree, Generation X homeowners have a higher credit rating in general than Gen X renters, homeowners have a median credit score of 672, compared to 586 for non-homeowners. “This is not surprising, as higher scores make homeownership more accessible,” said LendingTree Chief Economist Tendayi Kapfidze. “On-time mortgage payments also boost credit scores beginning about a year after the home purchase.”In addition, homeowners are able to obtain more credit accounts than non-homeowners. According to LendingTree, homeowners have a median of nine financial accounts compared to just four for non-homeowners. Renters were also more likely to be behind on payments, with renters being behind on 4.2% of all payments over four years, with homeowners late on just 2.3% of payments. Kapfidze notes that late payments are the largest drivers of the difference in average scores between homeowners and renters, stating that though homeowners carry far larger balances, they are using a lower proportion of their available credit—in part reflecting their better access to credit.Renters also have more trouble servicing their debt, with an average of 10 negative marks on their credit profiles to just four for homeowners. 87% of renters have at least one late payment compared to 55% of homeowners. However, Homeowners owed more on average, nearly half of all homeowners, 40% hold personal loans, and owe a median amount of $11,482, while 32% of renters hold personal loans, owing a median of $4,774.Generation X homeowners and renters are roughly even on owed student loan debt. 28% of homeowners owe a median of $28,557, while 27% of renters are carrying student loans with a median of $28,203. For younger buyers, student loans are still a drag on the housing market. In an article published by Business Insider, Gluskin Sheff’s Chief Economist & Strategist discusses how high levels of student loan debt are locking many potential buyers out of the market.“The lack of opportunity has led to the share of ‘kids’ between the ages of 25 and 34 that are living at home rising to 17% from 12% a decade ago,” Rosenberg said. He also noted how the weight of student loan debt across the country has had a negative impact on marriage and fertility rates, as well as enrollment in post-secondary school, leading to slower household formation. Credit Homeownership Rental 2019-05-15 Seth Welborncenter_img Share Gen Xers: Renting vs. Owning a Homelast_img read more

Del Monte said banana volume was 7 lower than the

first_imgDel Monte said banana volume was 7% lower than the prior year, while worldwide pricing increased US$0.42, or 3%, to US$14.94 per unit, compared with $14.52 per unit in the second quarter of 2018.Gross profit in the category increased to US$35m, compared with US$23.8m in the second quarter of 2018. Unit cost was in line with the prior year period.For the fresh and value-added category, net sales decreased to US$764.3m, compared with US$780.7m in the second quarter of 2018. The decrease in net sales was primarily due to lower net sales in the non-tropical and gold pineapple product lines.Gross profit for the second quarter of 2019 increased to US$58.1 million, compared with gross profit of US$51.3 million in the second quarter of 2018.Del Monte provide the following breakdown of the segments in its fresh and value-added category:Gold pineapple – Net sales were $126.1 million, compared with $139.4 million in the prior year period. Volume was 16% lower. Pricing was 8% higher. Unit cost was 1% higher.Fresh-cut fruit – Net sales were $147.0 million, in line with the prior year period. Volume increased 1%. Pricing was 1% lower. Unit cost was 3% lower.Fresh-cut vegetables – Net sales were $121.4 million, compared with $125.2 million in the prior year period. Volume was 6% lower. Pricing was 3% higher. Unit cost was 10% higher.Avocados – Net sales were $124.9 million, compared with $95.1 million in the prior year period. Volume decreased 4%. Pricing increased 37%. Unit cost was 45% higher.Vegetables – Net sales were $40.6 million, compared with $38.7 million in the prior year period. Volume increased 10%. Pricing was 5% lower. Unit cost was 7% lower.Non-tropical – Net sales were $69.5 million, compared with $86.5 million in the prior year period. Volume decreased 24%. Pricing was 6% higher. Unit cost was 3% higher.Prepared food – Includes the Company’s prepared traditional products, and meals and snacks product lines. Net sales and gross profit were impacted by a reduction in the Company’s prepared traditional products. U.S.: FDA finds no salmonella outbreak source at D … July 30 , 2019 Fresh Del Monte Produce (NYSE: FDP) has reported a much stronger second financial quarter than last year, which the company’s CEO attributed to a recent “strategic shift” by the organization.Net income was US$38.1m over the period, compared to a loss of US$7.9m during the same quarter last year. Other changes include growth in operating income and gross profit, but a slight drop in net sales.”Our stronger financial performance during the second quarter of 2019 signals that our recent strategic shift towards becoming a value-added and more diversified Company is the right direction for Fresh Del Monte,” said Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman and CEO.“We believe that our movement away from being a volume-based business helped us navigate the challenges of adverse weather and low industry volumes far better than we would have in the past.”Rather than struggle against less-than-ideal market conditions, we are focused on ways to position Fresh Del Monte for further growth opportunities that we believe will drive profitability, and increase shareholder value over the long-term.”Net sales for the second quarter of 2019 were US$1.24bn, compared with US$1.27bn in the second quarter of 2018. This was attributed to a decrease in banana and fresh and value-added business segments, primarily due to lower sales volume and the weakening of currencies against the U.S. dollar in selling countries.Gross profit rose from US$78.3m to US$96.3m, thanks to higher profitability in all business segments, primarily due to higher selling prices of bananas in Europe and Asia and higher selling prices in the fresh and value-added segment.Del Monte said the increase was partially offset by increased fruit production and procurement, and ocean freight costs as well as the negative impact of unfavorable exchange rates.Meanwhile, operating income increased from US$13.8m to US$57.2m, which was attributed to higher gross profit, lower selling, general and administrative expenses and lower asset impairment and other charges, net.Business segment performanceIn the banana category, net sales decreased to US$440m over the quarter, compared with US$457.8m in the same period last year. Del Monte loses in Kenyan land lease suit …center_img Fresh Del Monte CFO Contreras resigns after more t … You might also be interested in FDA inspects Del Monte facility after vegetable tr … last_img read more

Dbacks president Derrick Hall Franchise still f

first_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ When news of Heap’s release from Baltimore circulated many people in the Valley wanted to see the local guy return, and that would not be a bad idea at all.While not the player he used to be, Heap is still a good receiver and would be a nice safety-valve for Kolb to throw to, as well as a good mentor for rookie Rob Houseler There is mutal interest between the Arizona Cardinals and free agent Tight End Tood Heap, discussions have taken place.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyJohn GambadoroGambo620 Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Top Stories The Cardinals have been making moves, but aside from trading for Kevin Kolb none would be considered “flashy.”Well, that could could change shortly. Comments   Share   Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaylast_img read more

Top Stories

first_img Top Stories Comments   Share   The full Arizona Cardinals training camp schedule has notyet been released, but there is now a reported start datefor camp.According Darren Urban with theArizona Cardinals, playersare scheduled to report to camp on Tuesday July 24th, withthe first day of practice set to be the afternoon of the25th. Training camp takes place at Northern ArizonaUniversity in Flagstaff, on the school’s practice fields.The Cardinals open the preseason with the Hall of Fame game,against the New Orleans Saints in Ohio, on August 5th. – / 31 Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’last_img read more


first_img 11 Comments   Share   Smith warned him that he needs to bulk up and watch out for defenders as he throws.“He looks like he needs to be in a weight room just as much as me, and then on top of it all, you’re going into the NFL … they have a license to assault you!” Smith said. “So even if you’re flinging passes, you could still get knocked upside the head after you release the ball.”That’s right, even though contact after the throw is illegal, it still happens in the NFL. Rosen needs to be careful of this.Smith acknowledged that he had no worries about Rosen’s ability to play football, simply his durability. He could get concussed again against the grown men in the NFL.“You’re chirping already?” Smith exclaimed loudly. “It is stupid and he needs to be quiet.” – / 97 The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Top Stories Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires In less than 24 hours of being a professional, Josh Rosen has already made a host of notable quotes.Perhaps his hottest take: “There were nine mistakes made ahead of me. I will make sure over the next decade or so they know they made a mistake.”Will he regret telling nine teams they made a mistake drafting him? Let’s go to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith for comment.“Well yes, I do (think so), because I think he’s an idiot,” Smith said. “And I’m going to say it on national television, to this guy who’s supposed to be so intelligent, his IQ is supposed to be off the charts – enough of this already.” Stephen A. Smith, best known for saying his opinion loudly on ESPN’s First Take with Skip Bayless (and now Max Kellerman), thinks that Rosen is dumb for saying he should have been the first quarterback taken.Smith later clarified that he’s “not calling him an idiot literally, of course he’s a smart young man.”“I’m calling him idiotic, rather, because you are walking into the National Football League, going up against men,” he said.So, to backtrack: Smith doesn’t think Rosen is an idiot. You can calm down, Arizona.Smith simply thinks Rosen is idiotic.Related LinksPissed, motivated and determined: The best quotes from Josh RosenCardinals view Josh Rosen’s outspoken personality as a plusDilfer: Cardinals won draft with Rosen pick, QB has Rodgers-type talentThe ESPN analyst is concerned with Rosen’s durability. In 2016, Rosen injured his shoulder and missed half the season. In 2017, he suffered two concussions and missed the Cactus Bowl. UCLA cited injury, though he wanted to play.Smith addressed Rosen directly:“Let me ask you a question, Josh Rosen: When somebody knocks you upside your head or caves your chest in to the point where you’re gasping for air because a grown man put you down, what does that have to do with anything? What are you going to do then?”He means that there’s a big difference between facing college and professional athletes. Guys in the NFL are bigger, faster and stronger than any other level of competition. Rosen will have to adjust, or he may not last long in the league, especially with his history of injuries.last_img read more

Once again I apologize to everyone who has been

first_img“Once again, I apologize to everyone who has been negatively impacted by my actions and incredibly poor judgment, in particular the Cardinals, our fans and my family,” Keim said in a statement released Tuesday. “I fully deserve and accept the punishment that has been issued. My goal is to do everything I can to grow from this personally and help others learn from my inexcusable behavior.”Related LinksCardinals GM Steve Keim pleads guilty to extreme DUIPolice release video of Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim’s DUI arrestArizona Cardinals TE Ricky Seals-Jones arrested in ScottsdaleKeim will not be allowed around the Cardinals facilities during his suspension and will be prohibited from contacting team personnel.He will not be allowed to return to work until he has “completed comprehensive counseling and evaluation programs as well as mandatory DUI education.” The general manager will also “participate in community programs related to DUI awareness,” the Cardinals’ statement said.ESPN’s Adam Schefter said the team and the NFL were in contact when deciding on the discipline given to Keim and the GM will face no additional punishments from the league.“As stated at the time of the incident, this behavior is indefensible and completely unacceptable. While Steve has accepted full accountability and responsibility for his actions, that does not diminish their gravity nor the severity of the consequences that result from them,” the team’s release said. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim does an interview with The Doug & Wolf Show on 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station on Friday, Feb. 16, 2018. (Matt Layman/Arizona Sports) Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The Arizona Cardinals have immediately suspended general manager Steve Keim for five weeks after he pleaded guilty to extreme DUI at a Chandler court on Tuesday, the team said.Arizona also fined Keim $200,000, a total that will be donated to the Arizona chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).Keim was arrested in the early hours of July 4 on suspicion of DUI. His blood alcohol content registered at .19, according to the Chandler Police Department’s forensic report. Top Stories center_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires “Those who work within the National Football League – particularly those in leadership positions – bear a greater responsibility and are held to a higher standard than simply a legal one and we feel that these measures are reflective of that.” 252 Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelolast_img read more


first_img 23 Comments   Share   Alabama defensive lineman Quinnen Williams runs a drill during the NFL football scouting combine, Sunday, March 3, 2019, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings) With all the smokescreens going around during NFL Draft season, it’s impossible to know what’s important and what’s not.But the Arizona Cardinals reportedly telling Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams they might take him with the No. 1 pick doesn’t appear to be the latter.NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweeted that Cardinals general manager Steve Keim “reached out” to Williams to tell him “he’s still a possibility to go first overall,” in Rapoport’s words. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories center_img The 2019 NFL Draft will begin at 5 p.m. Thursday. The Cardinals are on the clock first. Rapoport added that he doesn’t know if Arizona has made a decision, and if so, the team is “keeping it quiet.”If the Cardinals do go with Williams, it would address a need on the defensive line.Related LinksESPN: Cards have ‘no issues’ keeping Josh Rosen after drafting Kyler MurrayCardinals commentator Dave Pasch compares Kyler Murray to Steph CurryMichael Lombardi: ‘You’re an idiot’ to draft Metcalf over N’Keal HarryThe consensus says Kyler Murray, so why do I still have trepidation?Last season, Williams had 71 tackles, 19.5 tackles for loss and 8.0 sacks as he helped Alabama get to the championship game.At the NFL Draft Combine, he ran a 4.83-second 40-yard dash and recorded a 30.5-inch vertical jump.“Dominant defender,” Cardinals general manager Steve Keim said of Williams during the pre-draft process. “I know his production is moreso this year, but an interior player that is that dominating at that size has been fun to watch.”Taking Williams would mean passing on Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, who has been widely regarded as the likely No. 1 pick and a perfect option for head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s Air Raid offense.But Williams’ dominance in college and potential as a pro could make him too impressive of an athlete to pass up.There’s also no ruling out this is a smokescreen to confuse opponents and potential trade suitors further. Additionally, it may simply be Keim not risking word getting out by telling a potential top prospect he’s out of the equation. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellinglast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterThere’s a reason Portugal made it on to Abercrombie & Kent‘s Hot List this year and it’s largely thanks to the country’s newfound optimism.Yes, it has successfully weathered government imposed austerity measures, but it also has so much to offer the discerning traveller. A diverse nation, with a rich design heritage, ancient walled towns and mountaintop palaces, it also has magical Mediterranean landscapes, delicious food and earthy wines.A&K’s week-long private journey travels from south to north through whitewashed villages and Moorish walled towns and ruins with culinary and cultural highlights aplenty.Special offerBook A&K’s Seven-Day ‘Portuguese Delights’ for travel by 10 December 2016 and save up to $1990 per couple.Twin share per person: from $6745 (includes savings of $995 per person).Solo traveller: from $13,125 (includes savings of $1950).Prices based on travel 26 August – 26 October 2016. Special pricing applies for different travel dates.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

South Australia is getting another boost to the to

first_imgSouth Australia is getting another boost to the tourism and export market with the return of Cathay Pacific’s fifth weekly service from 6 July 2017. The additional flight will see the premium airline increase its capacity on the route by 25 per cent and brings the weekly number of seats to 2500, as well as adding space for 15 tonnes of cargo.According to Nelson Chin, GM Cathay Pacific Airways Southwest Pacific, the airline sees Adelaide as an important destination: “We’ve not only seen increased numbers of tourists into Adelaide from mainland China, but also South Australians taking advantage of the one-stop connections via our Hong Kong hub. For example, it’s less than 23 hours to London, 13.5 hours to Beijing and Shanghai, and one-stop to New York in just over 27 hours.The airline, which has been flying to Adelaide for over 20 years, is proud of its involvement in encouraging tourists to visit South Australia. Leon Bignell, Minister for Tourism, said, “We are delighted that Cathay Pacific, one of our key airline partners, is increasing flights. The state has seen tremendous growth in tourism in the last year with our visitor economy at the highest level on record of $6.2 billion.”Mark Young, Managing Director, Adelaide Airport added: “This is great news for international travellers. Our customers have clearly shown their support for Cathay Pacific’s same-day connections to mainland China and this will provide further options for passengers as well as South Australian exporters.”South Australian produce also makes an appearance on board Cathay Pacific flights from Adelaide with leading skincare brand Jurlique featured in the Business Class amenity kits; d’Arenberg and RockBare wines currently served on board, as well as Maggie Beer ice-cream and quince paste, and Beerenberg Farm jam.last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterandBeyond recently celebrated the success of its breeding program for Africa’s rarest antelope species by translocating four Aders’s duiker to a brand new breeding site on the island of Zanzibar. With between 300 and 600 Aders’s duiker remaining in the wild, andBeyond has been managing a breeding program for the species since 2005, when five of the antelope were introduced on andBeyond Mnemba Island, a private island situated off the coast of Zanzibar.With no natural predators and a large supply of food, the duikers have bred extremely well, with the estimated population on Mnemba growing to 35. As a result and at the request of the Minister of Natural Resources and Fisheries in Zanzibar, four animals were recently translocated from the island to form a new breeding population on Unguja Island.Experts were assembled on Mnemba Island for the translocation in early June, consisting of representatives from Zanzibar’s Department of Natural Resources, as well as Dr Dave Cooper, Head Veterinarian for the Provincial Conservations Department in South Africa, and Les Carlisle, andBeyond Group Conservation Manager.The translocation techniques used were influenced by prior research carried out by University of South Africa researcher Lorraine Braby, who had collared a number of the animals to collect information on their diet and behaviour as part of efforts to improve the outcomes of the breeding program. Darting the duiker had proved to be most stress-free method of capture and was therefore chosen for the translocation.The required darting equipment and drugs were provided by andBeyond and, with the placement of the tranquiliser dart on the animals absolutely critical, the skills of Dr Dave Cooper were called upon to dart four duikers. With the animals running off into the dense forest covering Mnemba on darting, they were quickly tracked, blindfolded and carried back to the loading area. The darts were then removed, the wounds treated and a sedative administered to calm the duiker before the antidote to the immobilisation drug was administered.Once all four of the animals were successfully crated, the crates were taken by boat from Mnemba to the main island of Zanzibar. The last leg of the duiker’s trip to their new home was by vehicle.The translocation process, which marks the first time that Aders’s duiker have been moved from Mnemba, is aimed at creating a brand new population of the endangered antelope on Zanzibar, while also ensuring that the number of animals on Mnemba does not exceed the resources available on the island. It is estimated that 25 to 30 duiker remain on the island and, should the animals continue to breed at the same rate, andBeyond plans to translocate 10 to 12 of the antelope every year.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterEmirates and Thales have signed a new agreement to equip the Boeing 777X fleet with next-generation broadband inflight connectivity using the Inmarsat GX global network. The partnership will give Emirates customers best-in-class connectivity aboard the Boeing 777X aircraft, due for delivery starting in 2020.Emirates and Thales already have an existing multi-million-dollar deal to fit the Boeing 777X fleet with a Thales AVANT inflight entertainment system. The new agreement is part of the Emirates and Thales’ plans to develop and enhance the state-of-the-art inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) on the 777X fleet.Over the years, Emirates has invested more than US$200 million to equip its aircraft with connectivity. Demand for Wi-Fi onboard has been steadily increasing and today over 800,000 passengers per month connect while inflight. Emirates offers all its customers 20MB of complimentary Wi-Fi data on board while Emirates Skywards members in First Class and Business Class enjoy unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi and discounted plans in Economy Class.Emirates, Thales and Inmarsat have invested heavily in the new-generation Wi-Fi solution and will work together to meet increasing demand for Wi-Fi on board. Broadband connectivity speeds coupled with Thales’ AVANT innovative and highly customisable IFE system will provide a further boost to Emirates’ award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice.Emirates is the largest operator of the Boeing 777 aircraft, one of the most popular and advanced wide-bodied aircraft in commercial operation today. The airline has 165 Boeing 777s in its fleet, and a further 164 on firm order, including 150 of the next-generation Boeing 777X aircraft.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterEtihad Airways has forged a major new partnership with the Italian fragrance brand, ACQUA DI PARMA. From August 2018, the UAE national airline will introduce a range of exclusive amenity bags and toiletries for its customers travelling in The Residence on its Airbus A380s, and on long-haul First Class and Business Class services. The brand will also feature in the airline’s flagship First Class Lounge & Spa in Abu Dhabi.Linda Celestino, Etihad Airways Vice President Guest Experience and Delivery, said: “ACQUA DI PARMA is universal in its appeal, effortlessly combining, traditional know-how, craftsmanship and innovation with a modern Italian, yet very international flair. We could think of no better brand partner who stands for the same understated elegance, focus on design, luxury and warmth associated with Etihad as a world-leading airline. We look forward to exploring opportunities to expand our partnership even further.”Etihad Airways’ association with ACQUA DI PARMA began in 2014, when the airline started offering the brand’s luxury toiletries in The Residence.CEO & President of ACQUA DI PARMA, Laura Burdese, said, “After 102 years, ACQUA DI PARMA has become an icon of Italian style, the essence of sophistication and effortless elegance Italy is known for around the world. We are extremely selective when choosing brands to associate with, but partnering with a world-leading airline like Etihad was a natural choice due to its premium services and high-end inflight experience.“Extending this partnership through an exclusive selection of products in The Residence, First and Business Class, centred around our signature Colonia fragrance, was a highly anticipated extension and development of this long-term association.”In The Residence, the airline’s revolutionary three-room cabin on Airbus A380 aircraft flying from Abu Dhabi to London, Paris, New York and Sydney, guests are provided with a bespoke range of fragrances and toiletries provided in their own private shower room, including a Colonia amenity kit. Colonia Pura is provided for men and Magnolia Nobile for women.Yellow, the colour synonymous with the Italian brand, is used for all First Class bags, while Business Class bags are offered in the same yellow, and also in black.The First Class unisex cylinder bag contains a miniature bottle of Colonia, a 40-millilitre body lotion and lip balm. First Class toiletries include Colonia hand wash and hand cream, and Colonia bathroom amenity kits feature shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner.The Business Class unisex wallet bag, which can be buttoned to create a stylish and useful valet tray, contains a Colonia sampler and hand cream, which will also be dispensed in the Business Class washrooms.Celestino adds, “Just as Etihad is not just simply an airline, ACQUA DI PARMA is more than just a fragrance. Both are respected and loved luxury brands. This partnership showcases refined Italian style and Arabian hospitality and we know it will prove very popular with our guests. The range of products chosen will enhance their comfort onboard and will also define their journey through this new sensory experience.”ACQUA DI PARMA products will also be offered in the washrooms and shower facilities at the airline’s award-winning First Class Lounge & Spa at Abu Dhabi International Airport.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterQueenstown’s much-awarded lakeside retreat, Matakauri Lodge, has launched a limited-time Bed + Breakfast offer, perfect for guests wanting to unwind and relax in stylish surrounds while enjoying the renowned dining options in and around Queenstown.Valid until 31 October 2018, the Matakauri Lodge Bed + Breakfast ESCAPE offer is ideal for experiencing Queenstown, Arrowtown and the Central Otago wine region, taking in a round of spring golf, making the most of Queenstown’s vibrant dining and bar scene, or perhaps enjoying the region’s extended ski season.Priced at NZ$1,450 + GST per room per night (based on double occupancy), The Bed + Breakfast Offer includes:Accommodation for twoFull breakfast each morningPre-dinner drinks and canapésComplimentary non-alcoholic mini-bar and use of all complimentary lodge facilitiesTo book the Matakauri Bed + Breakfast offer, please contact Matakauri Lodge at reservations@matakaurilodge.comRates quoted in NZ dollars per person and exclusive of 15% Govt. Good & Services Tax.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterVirtuoso has given a sneak peek of the hottest upscale hotels debuting worldwide over the next few months. From Asia to Africa to Europe and beyond, these properties will dazzle with scenic settings, stunning design and impeccable service. Beachside escapes, historic properties, modern stunners and nature retreats are awaiting travellers, who will return home with the greatest souvenir: a transformational experience courtesy of these hotels that are raising the bar.Anantara Quy Nhon Villas, Vietnam – Opened 15 November 2018Nestled on a bay with an exclusive beach, this all-villa hideaway is set amid tropical gardens. The 26 villas feature infinity pools, cellars with premium wines and designated butlers. Virtuoso exclusives: upgrade upon arrival if available, daily buffet breakfast for two, US$100 equivalent food and beverage credit, complimentary Wi-Fi and early check-in and late check-out based upon availability.Silversands Grenada, Grenada – Opened 1 December 2018The hotel’s minimalist design will showcase the beauty of this lesser-known Caribbean gem. The resort off Grand Anse beach will feature local experiences such as waterfall chasing and organic farm visits, connecting guests with the island’s soul. Virtuoso exclusives: upgrade at time of booking if available, daily breakfast for two, US$100 resort credit, complimentary Wi-Fi and early check-in and late check-out if available.Belmond Cadogan Hotel, UK – Opening winter 2019Positioned between chic Chelsea and glamorous Knightsbridge, this historic property will feature 54 rooms, two-thirds of which are suites. It faces a private garden where guests can picnic or play tennis. Virtuoso exclusives: daily breakfast for two in the restaurant, multi-course lunch or dinner for two, one-way chauffeur transfer to/from Heathrow Airport for One Bedroom Suite bookings and above, complimentary Wi-Fi and early check-in and late check-out if available.Six Senses Bhutan, Bhutan – Opening winter 2019Five resorts in different locations combine to offer an intimate experience with only 82 suites in total. Each resort focuses on a theme and features Six Senses’ signature qualities. Virtuoso exclusives: daily buffet breakfast for two, a special amenity, complimentary Wi-Fi and early check-in and late check-out if available.Rosewood Hong Kong, Hong Kong – Opening winter 2019This hotel will become a landmark on the city’s skyline after opening in the new Victoria Dockside arts and culture district. Occupying 43 floors of a multi-use tower, the property boasts a prime waterfront location. Virtuoso exclusives: upgrade on arrival if available, daily semi-buffet breakfast for two, US$100 equivalent food and beverage credit, complimentary Wi-Fi and early check-in and late check-out if available.Silversands GrenadaThe Lodge at Blue Sky, US – Opening spring 2019This resort on a ranch near Park City, Utah is the ultimate outdoor playground. Guests reconnect with nature through pursuits including horseback riding or fly-fishing in summer and skiing or snowshoeing in winter. Virtuoso exclusives: upgrade upon arrival if available, daily full breakfast for two, US$100 resort or hotel credit, complimentary Wi-Fi and early check-in and late check-out if available.Hotel de la Ville, a Rocco Forte Hotel, Italy – Opening spring 2019Located at the top of the Spanish Steps, minutes from the Trevi Fountain, this 18th-century palazzo will be reborn as a vibrant hotel, with three restaurants, a stylish rooftop bar with spectacular Rome views and a two-floor spa and wellness facility. Virtuoso exclusives: upgrade upon arrival if available, daily buffet breakfast for two, US$100 equivalent food and beverage credit, complimentary Wi-Fi and early check-in and late check-out subject to availability.Equinox Hotel, Hudson Yards, New York City, US – Opening summer 2019The world’s first luxury-lifestyle Equinox Hotel will open within the Hudson Yards neighbourhood on Manhattan’s West Side. Predicated on the same holistic philosophy as its fitness clubs, Equinox Hotels will amplify a message of high-performance living. Virtuoso exclusives: upgrade upon booking if available; daily Continental breakfast for two; US$100 hotel credit; complimentary Wi-Fi; early check-in and late check-out if available; complimentary one-way airport transfer for suite reservations (minimum two-night stay); and complimentary one-way private helicopter airport transfer for Equinox Suite reservations (minimum two-night stay).Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti, Italy – Opening summer 2019The ski resort will harmonise with its wooded, mountainous landscape. The 23 wellness residences and 88 suites will feature Lefay’s signature elements: light, nature, silence and open spaces. Virtuoso exclusives: upgrade on arrival if available, daily buffet breakfast for two, a complimentary 50-minute massage for two, a dinner for two, Wi-Fi and early check-in and late check-out subject to availability.These hotels are all part of Virtuoso’s renowned Hotels & Resorts program, encompassing more than 1,300 world-class hotels, resorts, spas, lodges, luxury camps and villas in over 100 countries. When booked by a Virtuoso advisor or at, each property offers exclusive perks worth more than US$500 per stay.In addition to the above hotels, Virtuoso acknowledged the following hot hotel openings:Four Seasons Hotel São Paulo at Nações Unidas, Brazil – Opened 15 October 2018Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, Mexico – Opening early 2019Waldorf Astoria Maldives – Opening March 2019The Times Square EDITION, US – Opening spring 2019Lead image: Anantara Quy Nhon Villas, VietnamGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Skyscanner has been recognized as the best metasea

first_imgSkyscanner has been recognized as the best metasearch flight comparison website at the Travolution awards beating,, and amongst others. RelatedSkyscanner AwardsSkyscanner have won or been shortlisted for numerous awards. Here are our most recent wins:Skyscanner scoops trio of Travolution AwardsSkyscanner scoops trio of Travolution AwardsSkyscanner ranks 30th in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2010Skyscanner ranks 30th in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2010 The awards were judged by a panel of proven business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs, with the winners announced last night at London’s iconic Battersea Power Station.Judges said that Skyscanner was “clean, easy to use and navigate around, and ticked the boxes in terms of originality of design and features.”Skyscanner has over 10 million users per month and features 600 airlines across 670,000 routes including both traditional and no frills carriers. The calendar function which plots flights and prices day by day allows unprecedented pricing visibility for flexible travellers. Commenting on the win, VP of Commercial Frank Skivington said:“We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this accolade against some extremely tough competition.“We have recently managed to achieve the top spot for flight comparison in Europe and our next step is to become the number one worldwide.”The win is the latest addition to Skyscanner’s recent accolades; the company were placed 21st in the Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 making them the highest ranking travel company, and Skyscanner also scooped ‘best metasearch site’ in the Travelmole Web awards 2010.Want to know more? See Skyscanner’s list of awards or read Skyscanner’s press praise.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Somerset Bermuda – Reported by Elite Traveler th

first_imgSomerset, Bermuda – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet LifestyleWith Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa’s new golf tournament package, couples can enjoy a seven-night escape to Bermuda filled with romance, relaxation and little friendly competition.The ultimate golf getaway for couples, this package gives players the opportunity to tee off at one of Bermuda’s most prestigious and picturesque courses – The Port Royal Golf Course, home to the 2009 and 2010 PGA Grand Slam. At the Port Royal, couples will team up to compete in a three-day tournament, while taking in spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Off the greens, guests will enjoy a luxurious stay at the AAA Four-Diamond Cambridge Beaches, including gourmet dining and pampering treatments at the resort’s award-winning Ocean Spa.The Couples Golf Tournament Package is available, Feb. 20-27, 2011, priced at $4,206 per couple. This package includes seven nights accommodations for two in a deluxe room; daily breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner; airport transfers; two 50-minute Swedish massages at the Ocean Spa; welcome gift bag; and four rounds of golf at the Port Royal, located just five minutes from the resort. Complimentary picnic lunches for the three-day tournament and transportation to and from the Port Royal will also be provided.In celebration of the tournament, guests will also enjoy a hosted welcome reception, cocktail party and an awards gala dinner at Cambridge Beaches. Prizes, daily awards and a tournament trophy will be presented to players.Exemplifying luxury at its finest, Cambridge Beaches is set on a lush 30-acre peninsula on the western coast of Bermuda. Offering 94 spacious accommodations in traditional pink Bermuda cottages, the resort boasts four private beaches, vibrant gardens and nature preserve, and spectacular water views from every vantage point of the property. Cambridge Beaches beckons with a wealth of amenities and activities, including the Ocean Spa; water sports marina – offering sailing, snorkeling and kayaking; access to the island’s eight golf courses; croquet lawn; putting green; tennis courts; infinity pool; onsite bicycle and moped rentals; and chic poolside dining and causally elegant beachside dining. Additionally, guests can explore galleries and boutique shops at the nearby historic Royal Naval Dockyard.www.cambridgebeaches.comlast_img read more

TORONTO – A growing number of Canadian listeners a

first_img TORONTO – A growing number of Canadian listeners are playing their favourite tunes on streaming music platforms — and the shift in habits is giving a boost to playlists.Nielsen Music Canada’s latest survey of how people listen to songs and albums found that seven in 10 Canadians say they stream music using platforms like Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play.And of that figure, about 84 per cent of respondents dig into playlists on those services.It’s the first time the annual Nielsen “Canada Music 360” survey has examined how playlists are reshaping the way people access music in an era of growth for streaming companies.About 98 per cent of teen respondents — 13 to 17 years old — said they throw on playlists, which is two per cent more than people aged 18 to 34.Many in the music industry suggest playlists — often curated by streaming companies — are eclipsing radio as the way people discover and share music.But Nielsen found that despite those assumptions, radio still holds the strongest overall influence when it comes to launching a new artist or song to Canadian audiences.About 66 per cent of the survey’s respondents say they discovered new music on the radio, while a lesser 43 per cent heard it through streaming music services.Those radio habits appear to be shifting, however, as the number of respondents who said they listened to “over-the-air” radio at least once a week dropped six percentage points from last year’s survey, down to 58 per cent.Radio listenership is also heavily weighted in the older demographics, with 70 per cent of people 45 to 54 listening on a weekly basis.Nielsen conducted the online survey of about 1,500 adults over 13 years old between March 29 and April 10. They also conducted an additional survey of 100 people aged 18 to 34 to “bolster analyses” of the key demographic.The polling industry’s professional body, the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, says online surveys cannot be assigned a margin of error because they do not randomly sample the population.Follow @dfriend on Twitter. This Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, photo shows music streaming apps clockwise from top left, Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora and Google on an iPhone in New York. A federal copyright board has raised the music streaming royalties for songwriters and music publishers by more than 40 percent. The decision announced earlier this weekend stems from a dispute pitting songwriters against steadily growing music streaming services sold by Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon and Pandora. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane) Uptick in Canadians streaming music is giving a boost to playlists: reportcenter_img by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted Jun 12, 2018 7:18 am PDT Last Updated Jun 12, 2018 at 8:30 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more