first_imgFacebook4Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Jennifer Penrose for Penrose Physical TherapyHave you been given the diagnosis of soft bone or “osteopenia” or “osteoporosis?”  Were you told by your doctor to increase your impact and weight lifting exercises and yet don’t do anything too strenuous or you might suffer a fracture?  Did you leave the office confused wondering what you should and shouldn’t do?We hear that story all the time.  We don’t fault the doctors; the system no longer has the ability to allow lengthy conversations about how to manage osteopenia or osteoporosis. We can help you understand what you can do to stay mobile and independent and set up a successful long term approach to this diagnosis.54 million Americans, 60% of people older than 55, have osteoporosis according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation.  Every year there are more spinal vertebral fractures than cardiac events and stroke combined.  It is a very real problem.  At Penrose Physical Therapy we want to help those age 55+ to minimize their risk for fracture and increase their bone density.  Watch this YouTube video to learn more.Penrose Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping people increase their mobility, function, and pain without the use of medications or surgery even if you have suffered for years!  If you need some help check out the Penrose Physical Therapy website for FREE tips reports.last_img read more

first_imgAdvertisement cixgNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsdl2s4Wingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Ehbga( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 3pWould you ever consider trying this?😱grhCan your students do this? 🌚7873p1Roller skating! Powered by Firework Cristiano Ronaldo is mostly known to be a role model in training. Legends and former teammates have often said Ronaldo is there before the training officially starts and leaves much later than the end of the training. Footages from the Portugal training camps ahead of their 2020 Euro Qualifiers show CR7 indulging in a bit of mischief with his teammates.Advertisement Advertisement Ronaldo is seen holding up teammate and ex-Bayern midfielder Renato Sanches’ dreadlocks and smelling them.Having a shot at FIFA’s The Best award later this year, Ronnie definitely wants to wind down before getting started again this season with his heroics.  Advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgImage Courtesy: AP/GettyAdvertisement 7exiNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs61fdWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E6qbu( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) zcWould you ever consider trying this?😱gv8zbiCan your students do this? 🌚4ldlRoller skating! Powered by Firework The start of Ishant Sharma’s career in the Indian cricket scene was not smooth. Unable to impress critics, pundits and the selection committee, the pacer has been subjected to numerous slack in his early days. However, things have improved with the flow of time, and Ishant has laid the founding pillars of the current stout marvel of Team India’s bowling department. Recently, the 6 ft 5 inch giant has revealed the one person who guided him, and that is the legendary Aussie superstar Jason Gillespie.Advertisement Image Courtesy: AP/GettyDuring yesterday’s Ranji Trophy game against Hyderabad at the Arun Jaitley Stadium, the Delhi seamer opened up about Gillespie, the man who guided him to his betterment.“A lot of people would tell me that I need to increase the pace of my fuller deliveries. No one told me how to do that? It was when I went to play county cricket, Jason Gillespie gave me the solution,” Ishant spoke to Sportstar.Advertisement The Delhi Capitals star, Ishant joined Sussex in English country cricket last year, and received guidance from Gillespie, the 44 year old who is the current coach at the club.The 31 year old revealed the valuable advice he received from the Australian legend: “Gillespie told me that in order to increase pace in fuller deliveries, you don’t just release it but hit the deck so that it should target the knee roll,”Advertisement However, Ishant also lamented that before Gillespie, all he received was criticism and dissaproval, instead of a proper guidance.He continued: “The problem in India is that everybody tells you about the problem but no one tells you the solution. Now knowing the solution is an important aspect,” Ishant has earned 258 test and 169 ODI caps in his career, and made his debut in both formats in 2007 versus Bangladesh and South Africa respectively.In comparison, his T20 spell has been rather short, earning 21 caps since his last T20 appearance against Australia in 2013.“I have realised that may be one or two people worked on the solutions. Problem everyone can tell you but one who is a good coach will tell you about solutions,” the seamer added.Also read-WI vs Ind 1st Test Day 2 Review: Ishant Sharma leads the charge as the visitors take commandIshant Sharma and Umesh Yadav reveal the secret behind their bowling resurgence Advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgBy John BurtonASBURY PARK – Song­writer/producer/musician Jon Leidersdorff saw a need in the local music business and education scene and began working to fill it.Now about five years later, Leidersdorff is putting the finishing touches on his Lake House Music Academy.Jon Leidersdorff, left, owner of the Lake House Musiccomplex in Asbury Park, and manager Scott Engel stand in front of the 619 Lake Ave. business.Leidersdorff, 44, who lives in Interlaken with his wife and two young children, has been on the music scene for much of his life. He realized that for he and his musician friends, “the only place to connect was at venues” where they played and went to see and hear each play.As he traveled extensively, he realized how other cities that had “places with scenes for people to communicate and come together are the most successful for music,” he said. When he looked around the Asbury Park area, he saw “there are so many musicians here, so many artists here, but there was a lack of infrastructure here to support the scene.”With that in mind, Leidersdorff took over a vacant and deteriorating 1930s former warehouse at 619 Lake Ave. and began the five-year process of restoration to create spaces for a variety of businesses centered around music and music education programs.His Lake House Music Academy cost “millions.” He has had to completely redo everything in the aging space. “It wasn’t even a shell” when he started, he said. “We had to do absolutely everything.”The three-story, approximately 15,000-square-foot location, with its exposed brick walls and newly varnished wood floors, is almost completed. It houses a retail space on the first floor for musical instruments – the walls are lined with hanging guitars of every variety – and sundry items and Russo Music, a café formerly on Cookman Avenue.The building’s second floor will be used by an Internet radio station; two recording studios, with available lodging for traveling bands; and rehearsal space that is available for rent by the hour. The studio space was designed by John Storyk, an architect, acoustician and a leader in his field, Leidersdorff said.Space on the third floor is designated for a business called Bands on a Budget, which helps band merchandize and sell souvenirs. “They’ll get your T-shirts ready,” was how Leidersdorff explained the business.The building’s upper floors also have office space and a conference room that will be used by a music lawyer, a graphic design artist and a web developer.A professional music manager, Brian Nelson, who represents among others, the British singer/songwriter Joss Stone, a “humongous artist,” Leidersdorff said, will also occupy the office.“Different businesses in­ter­acting creates opportunities that wouldn’t exist if we weren’t in the same space,” Leidersdorff said.One of the location’s main features is its music academy, featuring group performances and individual lessons.According to Leidersdorff, there are programs available for those as young as 6 months to adults of all ages. One of the liveliest groups, he said, is an over-40 group that comes to perform and learn.Stepping back and looking at his work, Leidersdorff said, “I see potential. I see a lot of possibility. Now it’s important to invite people who want to be creative and participate in this space.”last_img read more

first_imgBy Chris Rotolo |ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – The sidewalk was buzzing on Friday afternoon as people lined up to sample a treat at the borough’s newest ice cream store.Nicholas Creamery, located between a cinema and a coffee shop, offers a variety of artisanal ice cream, with small-batch offerings crafted by hand from locally sourced, all-natural ingredients.Owner Nicholas Harary has made his reputation in the restaurant industry, operating one of the most lavish eateries in Monmouth County, Restaurant Nicholas in Middletown. But on this day the revered chef was expanding his brand with gourmet take-away cups, cones and milkshakes.“This is where I live. These are my friends and neighbors and it’s very special to be able to serve them in this fashion and bring smiles to their faces,” said Harary, with emotion, about the hundreds of borough students, teachers, parents and neighbors who filled the lobby.Just as Restaurant Nicholas promises a unique and upscale dining experience, Nicholas Creamery wants to deliver big and bold flavors using basic ingredients like milk, cream, eggs and sugar.“It was important to us, if we were going to do this, that we serve a pure product that tastes great,” said Jodie Edwards, Harary’s business partner for the last decade. “We both have kids. We both have discussions with friends and family who are concerned about what’s in their kids’ food,” Edwards added.On Friday, conventional flavors like Valrhona chocolate, Tahitian vanilla, mint chip, peanut butter chocolate chunk and salted caramel were popular with customers.More daring flavors include a Scoop of Sunshine, a blend of lemon ice cream, graham crackers and white chocolate pearls; The Goat, comprised of goat cheese ice cream, roasted strawberries and balsamic reduction; as well as a limited time offering named Hudson Cafe Coffee Crunch, a collaborative effort between the creamery and the longtime Atlantic Highlands coffee shop.According to the staff, the customer favorite seemed to be Kentucky Dreaming, a recipe which includes Nicholas Reserve Four Roses Bourbon and brown sugar.Cups of ice cream range from $3.50 to $5.25. Add a dollar more for cones, and 50 cents for toppings. Sundaes and milkshakes are $7.50.“We’re excited about having this place here and think it’s great,” said Andrew Salsano of Atlantic Highlands, who ventured to the creamery with his wife and three-year-old son. “We frequent the Restaurant Nicholas from time to time and we’re a big fan of what they do over there. So if there’s a new place in town to get ice cream, we’re really happy it’s being run by Nicholas.”According to Harary, operating a fine dining establishment like Restaurant Nicholas over the last 20 years has been a labor of love but a laborious process nonetheless for all of his trusted staff and employees.Nicholas Creamery, however, is a platform for Harary, Edwards and Restaurant Nicholas pastry chef Kelly Kennedy to take a step back from the fast-paced and high-intensity realm of upscale food service.“We love what we do over at the restaurant but it’s so serious all the time,” Harary said. “It’s a place for special events and occasions where people expect to have a certain experience. But the creamery is a place where we can have some fun and experiment with new ideas and get our families involved in the creative process.”Harary’s eight-year-old daughter Juliana has already made her mark on Nicholas Creamery as a flavor designer; customers can expect to see a Spongebob Squarepants-themed creation with caramelized pineapples coming soon.“This is certainly a creative outlet for myself, Jodie and Kelly,” Harary said. “Especially for Kelly. She loves ice cream. People love to buy our ice cream at the restaurant, so we’ve always talked about selling it, but we didn’t want to sell pints out of the restaurant. So now Kelly is working double duty, making ice cream in the mornings here, before taking care of her pastry duties at night.”The First Avenue location is the first of two Nicholas Creamery sites. A second shop will be opening later this summer in Edwards’ hometown of Fair Haven at 586 River Road.“We’ve been discussing this idea for years,” Edwards said. “And it’s very special for us to have a model that includes locations in the communities we live in. We want to be active in our communities. We want Nicholas Creamery to be the place our friends and family can come after a school event or a baseball game. We want to have fun with our neighbors and this is great way to do it.”Nicholas Creamery is located at 84 First Avenue. June hours will be Monday through Friday, 3-10 p.m.; weekends noon-10 p.m.This article was first published in the May 31-June 7, 2018 print edition of The Two River Times.last_img read more

first_imgEverybody was there. Endless shoes, sneakers and boots bordered the embankment. Cars were lined up dropping off kids and neighborhood friends and classmates would skate together after school until it turned dark. On weekends we skated all morning, went home for lunch, warmed up, then piled on the winter clothes again, and off we went! When the pond would begin to freezeafter several days of extremely frigidweather, very often during the latter partof November, we would begin our endlesscalls to the Fair Haven Police Departmentasking, “Is Schwenker’s Pond safe enoughto skate on?” “Can we skate yet?” Once we were ready to go, with skates tied around the back of our muffler encircled necks, we ran through the hedges, crossed Lake Avenue and jostled down the hill. When we landed on the western side of this beautiful frozen wonderland, the fun was just about to begin. Conveniently, an ancient, just the right size, upright tree trunk was there for us to sit and get our skates on. Years of past skaters had left their initials carved in the wood, many surrounded with hearts and dates, so this tree trunk had quite a story to tell. Maybe we packed a picnic lunch ofpeanut butter and jelly sandwiches andKool-Aid. A whole summer’s afternoon atSchwenker’s Pond would provide us withan adventurous day in this peaceful Edenof nature’s bliss. So “kudos” to you, Mr. Rice, and the town of Fair Haven for a wonderful visionary idea! One of the things I loved and remembered the most was the scary sound of the ice cracking while it was expanding and contracting. When the answer was, “yes, safe toskate,” we would whoop and holler “let’sgo!” Contributed by Maria Innacelli Mullevey, Red Bank I can’t forget to mention the small fires that burned in a hollowed-out tree on Chestnut Street where the pond met the shore. By today’s standards of fire and children’s safety, this wouldn’t even be a considered thought, but way back then there was this great, tall, hollowed-out tree near the front of Schwenker’s Pond and Chestnut Street. When our toes were close to being frostbitten we would skate over to the tree. A fire would be burning under the watchful eyes of parents and we would take a respite to warm our frozen mittens and frigid feet. Marshmallows were impaled on found sticks and hot chocolate was shared from random thermoses brought by parents and neighbors. Rosy cheeks, smiles and the warmth of community emanated from this place of long ago. center_img The waterfall draining to Shippee’s Pond to the Navesink River under River Road ran fast and clear. On hot summer days when we weren’t at the beach, we brought our bamboo poles and worms to try and catch some sunfish or carp. We fed stale bread brought from home to the multitude of mallards that swam near us that eagerly snapped it up looking for more. Now in the summertime, Schwenker’sPond was a whole other story. Then there was a game we playedcalled “Whip.” Maybe 10 or more kidswould hold hands and skate down thepond with a very strong skater at thelead. Then at the leader’s whim, he or shewould yell “whip!” That lead skater wouldcome to a swift halt, swing us around andthen we’d break our grip and glide happilyto our newfound destination. “Wow, let’sdo it again!” As I end my joyful reminiscing of a long ago childhood that I wish for my grand- children today, I can only tell a story of what life was like for their grandma in the 1950s and ’60s. Today, memories are captured on mobile phone cameras. This can be a good thing – and I do this myself – but there is nothing that can replace a good old-fashioned storytelling of how simple life used to be. Even today, when I drive past Schwenker’s Pond, a smile appears on my face. I would like to congratulate and encourage the town of Fair Haven and Mr. Brian Rice to move forward with their creative plan to revitalize Schwenker’s Pond as a “pocket park” that would serve the community well. Strolls along this pond would be a peaceful respite for many and the glory of all four seasons would be enjoyed. I was so happy to have read the recent article in The Two River Times by Chris Rotolo concerning the revitalization and transformation of Schwenker’s Pond. I grew up in Red Bank on Mori Place, a little tree-lined, dead-end street off Harrison Avenue. Our house backed up to a tall privet hedge that connected us to Lake Avenue. Access to Schwenker’s Pond was a breeze – just pass through the neighborly gap in the hedge, cross Lake Avenue and you were there! Mrs. Schwenker was a kind elderly citizen of Fair Haven who allowed the neighborhood kids to pass through her property and down the hill. I have to admit it though, I never once laid eyes on her. While blissful kids skated from the front of the pond at River Road all the way to the back of the pond at Chestnut Street, tired skaters rested for a while on a fallen tree that had frozen into the ice, until it was time to make their journey back to River Road. It wasn’t uncommon to peer into the glistening glory of the clear ice to observe golden carp swimming about as we stopped to watch their voyage, maybe to Shippee’s Pond. last_img read more

first_imgNelson Leafs and West Kootenay Wildcats each lost opening round games as the B.C. Hockey Minor Hockey Championship tournaments kicked off Sunday on various locations around the province.The Nelson Leafs dropped a 4-2 decision to Kelowna at the Peewee Tier III tournament in Quesnel. Nelson returns to action Monday against Creston.On Vancouver Island, the West Kootenay Wildcats ran into a tough North Shore squad as the local squad lost 3-0.The Cats get a chance to bounce back Monday with a game against Prince George.In Midget Tier III Championships in Osoyoos, Kaslo/Nelson opens play Monday against Whitehorse.In Nakusp, the local squad plays host to the Midget Tier IV tournament. Nakusp plays Chetwynd Sunday and Saanich Monday.last_img

first_imgSocial rugby also focuses on the fun factor, so there is an award for the most social team. This year, that went to the Chilliwack team – the Chilliwack/Chuckanut Platypuses.“(They) came dressed in their neon tights and form fitting costumes, showed no shame and hoisted a pint and shared a laugh with everyone else out there,” said Glaser.The tournament stands out because it is the only Rugby team in the Boundary. To make it even more special, the teams got to play with a custom-made, cowhide ball made in Greenwood at Ingram Creek Saddlery. This one-of-a-kind ball had its own personality, which added “unknowns” to the game, according to Glaser.There were four men’s teams at the tournament plus a couple mixed teams. One team was made up of “Old Boys,” referees and women. There was also a mixed team made up of women from Nelson and a few of the Scribes men. Glaser had hoped more teams would come out but a few last minute dropouts kept the teams small. He’s optimistic the tournament will gain in popularity and expects there to be twice as many teams next year.Glaser is happy with how the tournament went. The crowd had fun and felted welcomed by the Greenwood community. He credits Greenwood Coun. Barry Noll with helping the weekend go smoothly. Greenwood’s first annual social rugby tournament — held Aug 3 to 5 — was deemed a success with the Trail Colonials coming out ahead. Organized Oliver Glaser said the Colonials won a “very hard fought, final match” against the East Vancouver Scribes with the game ending 35 to 20.Glaser subbed in many of the games that weekend and felt the final match was the most intense of them all.last_img read more

first_imgUPSTART DANUSKA’S MY GIRL WINS GRADE III, $100,000 LAS FLORES STAKES AT 20-1 AS FRANCO & HOLLENDORFER TEAM FOR SIX FURLONG SCORE IN 1:10.23 ROSARIO, O’NEILL & HRONIS RACING, LLC TOP THEIR RESPECTIVE CATEGORIES THROUGH 47 DAYS;SPRING/SUMMER PORTION OF CURRENT MEET TO RESUME ON FRIDAY, WITH FIRST POST AT 1 P.M. ARCADIA, Calif. (April 7, 2019)–Under aggressive handling from Geovanni Franco, Jerry Hollendorfer’s Danuska’s My Girl registered a 3 ¼ length win in Sunday’s Grade III, $100,000 Las Flores Stakes at Santa Anita.  Sent from the gate in her first stakes assignment, the 5-year-old Kentucky-bred mare by Shackelford got six furlongs in 1:10.23.Head and head the first eighth of a mile with even money favorite Dream Tree, Danuska’s My Girl had a one length advantage on the favorite a quarter mile out and widened through the lane in a visually impressive effort.“Danuska’s got such a big heart,” said Franco.  “I knew it the second time I rode her, she showed me she had lots of heart.  Today, the only way to steal this race was to just go.  I knew she would fight them off whenever they got close to her and she sure did.“She could feel (runner-up) Emboldened coming and she just kept on going.  I let her know Dream Tree was coming and she responded well, she was still finishing strong.”Now a perfect three for three with Franco, Danuska’s My Girl had been idle since registering a front-running three quarter length one mile allowance win here on Jan. 11.  Off at 20-1 in a field of 10 older fillies and mares, Danuska’s My Girl paid $43.20, $15.60 and $8.60.Owned by Bad Boy Racing, LLC, the winner, who is out of the Dayjur mare Amaday, picked up $60,000 for the win, increasing her earnings to $198,810.  Now three for four at six furlongs, Danuska’s My Girl is now 13-4-2-4 overall.“No question, Geovanni’s made a big difference with this mare,” said Dan Ward, assistant to Hollendorfer.  “We like the way he rides.  He’s aggressive and they run for him.  We nominated to this race, because it looked like all the top sprinters ran last week in the Beholder Mile (Grade I, March 30).”Ridden by Joe Talamo, Emboldened who was far back early, took on the role of the “other Baffert” as she was entered in the shadow of Dream Tree.  Idle since running a big third in the Grade I, seven furlong La Brea Stakes Dec. 26, she made a solid late run, finishing second by a neck over Show It N Moe It.The second choice at 4-1, Emboldened paid $5.60 and $3.80.Show It N Moe It, the lone California-bred in the lineup, kept to her task in game fashion late and finished a head in front of Lady Suebee.  The narrow third choice at 4-1, Show It N Moe It paid $3.40 to show.                    Fractions on the race were 21.63, 44.83 and 57.24. ROSARIO TOP JOCK, O’NEILL LEADING TRAINER & HRONIS RACING LLC IS LEADING OWNER With the Winter portion of Santa Anita’s current 47-day meet drawing to a close jockey Joel Rosario topped Flavien Prat by a 56-52 margin, and will thus be the recipient of Santa Anita’s coveted Golden Whip Award.  Rosario, 34, capped his successful run with victory aboard the John Sadler-conditioned Gift Box in the 82ndrunning of the Grade I, $600,000 Santa Anita Handicap on Saturday.  A native of the Dominican Republic, Rosario was also Santa Anita’s Winter Meet leader in 2011 and 2012.Prat, a 24-year-old native of Melun, France, led all jockeys in the stakes-won department, as he posted 12 added money victories, four more than Rosario.Doug O’Neill, 50 led all trainers with 29 wins, four more than John Sadler, who had 25.  O’Neill also led all Winter Meet conditioners in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and thus collected his fourth training title.Hall of Famer Jerry Hollendorfer enjoyed another solid meet, as his stable registered seven stakes wins, including a victory in Saturday’s Grade II, $200,000 Royal Heroine Stakes with Vasilika.Hronis Racing, LLC totally dominated in the owners’ division, both by races and money-won.  With a total of 18 wins at the meet, they finished 12 wins in front of both Reddam Racing, LLC and Nick Alexander.  In the money-won category, Hronis Racing, aided by yesterday’s $600,000 Big ‘Cap win with Gift Box, amassed $1,325,015 in earnings from 64 starters–double Speedway Stable LLC’s $642,245.With the Spring/Summer portion of the current meet scheduled to run through June 23, Santa Anita will conduct two consecutive three-day race weeks over the next two weekends, with first post time each day at 1 p.m.  The track will be open for simulcast wagering on Wednesday and Thursday, beginning at 10 a.m. the Grandstand Paddock Room.For additional information, please visit or call (626) 574-RACE.last_img read more

first_imgBOURNEMOUTH are set to end their ‘spend, spend, spend’ policy and open the door to selling stars Callum Wilson and Josh King.Owner Maxim Demin has backed the Cherries success story during their remarkable rise to the Premier League but is now planning a change of tactics.1 Bournemouth stars David Brooks, Callum Wilson and Josh King could be on the move in the summerBoss Eddie Howe is bracing for a shake-up in the next transfer window and strikers Wilson and King, both 28, could be the ones to bring in the cash.Bournemouth have collected a lot of young players in the past few seasons but have been unable to make a profit on them.Dominic Solanke and Jordon Ibe arrived from Liverpool with big prices and big reputations but have failed to deliver.The South Coast outfit will lose Ibe and Ryan Fraser at the end of their contracts this summer.Winger David Brooks, 22, would also be a wanted man if he had not missed the season with a serious ankle injury.MOST READ IN FOOTBALLTHROUGH ITRobbie Keane reveals Claudine’s father was ’50-50′ in coronavirus battleTOP SELLERGavin Whelan has gone from League of Ireland to David Beckham’s InstagramPicturedAN EYEFULMeet Playboy model and football agent Anamaria Prodan bidding to buy her own clubI SAW ROORodallega saw Rooney ‘drinking like madman’ & Gerrard ‘on bar dancing shirtless’ExclusiveRIYAD RAIDMan City’s Riyad Mahrez has three luxury watches stolen in £500,000 raidNEXT STEPJonny Hayes set to move to English Championship having been let go by CelticManchester United and Spurs were keen and could rekindle their interest if he regains fitness.The Wales international featured 33 times for the Cherries in all competitions last season.He chipped in with a total of seven goals and five assists, with the player getting on the score sheet against the likes of Chelsea, Brighton and Fulham.Premier League games set to be shown live on TV at 15:00 if season resumes after long-standing blackout liftedlast_img read more